Instech News: You Only Need 1,000 Fans To Be Successful


We celebrate InsTech podcasts with 1000+ downloads and take a look at the latest partnerships.

What is a captive and the new opportunities for innovation - Podcast 198

In this episode, Matthew is joined by Richard Cutcher, Executive Producer of the Global Captive Podcast and the Ambassador for the Captive Special Interest Group at the UK Risk Managers Association (Airmic). They discuss what a captive is and the new opportunities for risk managers and insurance buyers for using data and analytics.

Marketplaces and exchanges: 10 ways they are reshaping insurance

Our latest report is now available to download - this month’s is free. We have identified 30 companies that are creating new marketplaces and look at what they do, how they do it and how the insurance industry can benefit.

You Only Need 1,000 Fans To Be Successful

Inspired by American writer Kevin Kelly’s 2008 essay, "You Only Need 1,000 Fans To Be Successful", we're giving special recognition to all our InsTech podcast guests who have had in excess of 1,000 downloads for an individual episode. All podcasts are available to download via

Tractable: enabling insurers’ sustainability goals

InsTech’s Ali Smedley caught up with Sakina Najmi, Tractable’s Vice President, Marketing, to discuss the company’s new property offering, ​​how Tractable’s AI can be used to improve sustainability and its recent rebrand. This interview comes in the same week as Tractable announced that it is partnering with American Family. The insurer will apply Tractable's AI solutions to its claims subrogation settlement process. The AI will review requests made by one insurer to another with the goal of faster, easier, and more consistent alignment between parties

Members Only Interactive Briefing: Key Trends in Parametric Insurance, 6 September

We are offering a member-only online discussion for those interested in learning more about parametric. The presentation will consider topics such as market size for premium for parametric insurance; the volume of funding for parametric companies; newer applications of parametric insurance including cyber, terrorism and non-damage business interruption; and approaches taken in the distribution and selling of parametric products. Opportunities for questions during and after the event.

Archipelago releases integrated loss history data with exposure data

The offering will be available on Archipelago’s platform and is intended to reduce problems from inconsistently formatted spreadsheets. The offering will integrate data with a client’s exposures, map losses and build a higher level of granularity and completeness. The aim is to help risk managers take an evidence-driven approach, and for brokers to be better equipped to understand the cause of losses. Underwriters will benefit from being able to quickly understand a client’s loss story.

Nimbla partners with Greenlight Re Innovations (GRI)

The companies will work together to launch a flexible, single-risk product through Lloyd's of London. The partnership with GRI enhances Nimbla's ability to develop its quote and bind credit insurance at the single invoice level. It also enables Nimbla to diversify its product offering and broadens the geographies in which it can support the underserved SME market.