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Insurance intelligence for the curious

InsTech’s intelligence on technology and risk equips our community of over 30,000 insurance professionals to deliver insurance better.

You bring together a community and a network of people truly trying to change the world, not just the insurance landscape.

Hayley Maynard

Strategy and Innovation, Chaucer Group

InsTech is a unique place to meet like-minded companies and those we can partner with.

George Beattie

Head of Innovation, CFC

The world of insurance is changing rapidly through technology and InsTech is a fantastic format for sharing knowledge.

Andy Thompson

CEO, Safehub

I love the fact that InsTech features some of the smallest but also the biggest players in the space – everyone gets an equal opportunity.

Ruta Mikiskaite

Head of P&C Solutions UK&I, Swiss Re

At any given time, the key themes and trends being discussed in the insurance market today, were agenda items for InsTech last year.

Ruth Polyblank

Vice President and Partnership lead - Insurance, Mastercard

InsTech has brought together a vibrant network of professionals and innovators who play a crucial role in advancing our industry.

David Schmid

Head of Parametric Products, Reask


It comes back to that topic around data and “doing good” because I think as data becomes more and more available, I would encourage everyone to think about how can we as an insurance industry get more products, more cover, good value cover in well designed products into the hands of more and more customers.

Russell Higginbotham, CEO at Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions
From the Podcast:

Making society more resilient – using new data to close the protection gap

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Innovation and the insurtech journey – are we there yet?

Matthew Grant spoke to Rosina Smith at McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) on the findings from her recent MBA dissertation focusing on barriers to adopting insurtechs.

Right here, right now – finding the right data for you

Matthew Grant spoke to Bas de Goei at Instabase about how the Instabase platform can help optimise data extraction.

‘Orca’ the underwriting platform for the modern underwriting team

Matthew Grant spoke to Bevis Tetlow (CEO) and Viren Kataria (Chief Product Officer) of Imaginera to explore how the company’s underwriting platform, Orca supports reinsurers and speciality insurers.

From analysis to action: supporting sustainable decisions in home insurance

We were joined by Gamma and AXA to find out how they work with insurers to support sustainable decision-making among policyholders, as well as a demo of the platform in action.

Knowledge unlocked: how to use an AI second brain

The insurance industry has a notorious problem with scattered data. We were joined by Christopher Payne, CEO and Co-founder of myReach to discuss how Generative AI is making a new type of knowledge management possible, acting as a second brain for all your knowledge.

The InsTech Community

Collaboration of the curious

Bringing together those with an interest in risk and insurance, InsTech is a community that connects the insurance ecosystem. Our global network of over 30,000 senior insurance professionals and 150+ corporate members consists of large enterprises, early-stage start-ups and everything in between.

Focused on where change is impacting insurance

At InsTech we care most about where change is impacting insurance today – entering new markets, improving core business processes with technology and responding to emerging risks.

  • There is more data available now than ever before. Understanding the best data to use for underwriting, how to use data for risk management and how to exchange increasingly large amounts of data between parties are key considerations.

  • The technologies that insurance companies use are becoming more interconnected. Insurers need intuitive platforms that streamline their workflows, integrate with varied data sources and benefit from the efficiency gains of new technologies such as generative AI.

  • With climate change increasing the frequency and severity of weather events, understanding risk exposure is becoming more important than ever. Whilst insurers need to report on climate-related risks, they are also exploring new products to support the transition to a greener economy, from carbon to renewables.

  • Data and technology are changing the way that insurers underwrite. Improved catastrophe models and new technology for algorithmic underwriting are helping to make the day-to-day lives of underwriters easier.

  • New technologies promise to make the claims process more efficient, with remote assessment and document ingestion making life easier for adjusters.

  • The insurance value chain is changing. More business than ever is being underwritten by MGAs. Some consumer insurance is increasingly ‘embedded’ into other products. The whole market continues to search for efficient ways to match capital to risk and close the insurance protection gap.

  • Parametric insurance is enabling coverage for risks that were previously difficult or impossible to insure. With pay-outs based on event triggers rather than loss assessments, organisations are increasingly turning to parametric to fill gaps in catastrophe cover or protect against emerging risks.

Deliver insurance better

Our intelligence and insights enables the community to make informed decisions on how to deliver insurance better.

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I can always find the newest and most relevant climate risk developments in InsTech’s newsletters and reports. As the topic is moving so fast, it is always good to stay ahead of the curve. I love the fact that InsTech features some of the smallest but also the biggest players in the space – everyone gets an equal opportunity. InsTech’s podcasts are also a good listen and a number of us from Swiss Re tune in whilst enjoying our weekends.

Ruta Mikiskaite – Head of P&C Solutions UK&I, Swiss Re

InsTech offers a great mix of podcasts, in-person and virtual events, newsletters and reports on topical issues for the industry. Making use of these different resources has enhanced my understanding of where the insurance industry is at right now and where it’s heading. I’m delighted to be a member!

Daniel Pink – AXA XL, Actuary

InsTech provides a network to share knowledge, collaborate and partner. By bringing together diverse expertise and perspectives with startups, incumbents, and new entrants, it enables innovation and acts as an advocate for its members. At any given time, the key themes and trends being discussed in the insurance market today, were agenda items for instech last year.

Ruth Polyblank – Vice President and Partnership lead, Insurance, Mastercard

InsTech has been one of the best partnerships the Kroll insurance valuation team has supported in the last 10 years.

Rebecca Fuller – Global Fixed Asset Advisory Services Leader, Kroll

I really enjoyed the event, very well organised, with great content plus Q&A format. Lots of useful connections made.

Graeme Asquith – UK Managing Director Mea Platform

InsTech has brought together a vibrant network of professionals and innovators who play a crucial role in advancing our industry. Through InsTech, we’ve been able to share our innovative solutions, and engage with like-minded experts who are equally committed to reshaping the future of insurance and technology. This collaborative environment is not just about sharing ideas – it’s about creating actionable solutions that have a lasting impact.

David Schmid – Head of Parametric Products, Reask

We operate in a few different cities but London, by far, has the strongest community of insurance tech firms. It’s an incredible achievement to build something like this and testament to the hard work of Matthew, Robin and the team to build such a strong network of technology companies, insurers, brokers and consultants. The monthly live events are incredibly valuable for networking and to learn about what’s going on in the industry and what other companies are offering. The articles and reports that InsTech publishes are also a great source of knowledge.

Stuart Conibear – Chief Commercial Officer, Phinsys


In 2015 we could see the opportunities for change in insurance. Back then we had more questions than answers. How can insurance be delivered better than it is now? What are the issues that most need to be addressed? What data sources and toolsets lie out there that will help do that? What does the future of insurance look like? 

So we founded InsTech. A community of like-minded people who could share their discoveries, visions, solutions and ideas and meet with others doing the same. It’s grown to over 30,000 people who meet, read, listen to or watch us and our members to learn how to deliver insurance better.

With so many ways to get involved, from newsletters, podcasts, events, reports and more, join us to collaborate, share ideas and make new connections.