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The future of underwriting has arrived in New York

Missed out on the event or want a refresh? No problem! Watch seven full panels from our New York event at Google’s office featuring speakers from Google Cloud, Kroll, hyperexponential, Sompo International, K2 Cyber, Cytora, Guidewire, Tokio Marine HCC, Allianz Commercial, Zurich North America and Brewer Lane Ventures.

About the event

The most successful underwriters combine experience with data and analytics to grow premiums and underwrite profitably. Until recently, too much time has been spent manually reviewing and working with submissions to decide what to write and decline.

We were joined with industry leaders in New York to discover the new tools leading insurance organisations are using to remove the pain from underwriting and let underwriters concentrate on what they do best.

Join us virtually, with seven panels filmed live at the event in New York ‘The Future of underwriting has arrived in New York’ on March 14, 2024.  Listen in as we discuss case studies and talk to insurers and the companies providing some of the best available tools and applications, and how these all fit together.

Digitizing how risk flows: the future of commercial insurance

In this panel, industry leaders discussed elevating commercial insurance through AI-powered digital underwriting workflows, showcasing real-life case studies. They highlighted rapid transformations that unlock benefits within months, not years, through digitized risk processes. Additionally, insights were provided into the progress made by insurers, the challenges they encounter, and a playbook for accelerating AI-assisted underwriting.

Panel Speakers:

  • Zaheer Hooda, Head of North America, Cytora
  • Meghan Hannes, Chief Underwriting and Claims Officer, K2 Cyber
  • Charles Clarke, Group Vice President, Guidewire
  • Nigel Walsh, Managing Director, Head of Global Insurance, Google Cloud
  • Hosted by Matthew Grant, CEO, InsTech

Yesterday’s challenge, tomorrow’s solution

In this panel, industry experts explored the redefinition of possibilities in underwriting, focusing on practical strategies employed by insurers to drive breakthrough change. They emphasize decision intelligence as the catalyst for transformative advancements in the field.

Panel Speakers:

  • Jamie Wilson, Head of Pricing and Innovation, hyperexponential
  • Christina Lutz, Head of Pricing & Analytics, Sompo International
  • Hosted by Robin Merttens, Co-Founder, InsTech

We are back in New York in June

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Beyond scale-up – the journey continues

During the session, insights were shared from over 20 years of building underwriting platforms for major global insurance carriers. The discussion focused on how established technology companies persist in driving innovation within the field.

Panel Speakers:

  • Amy Mollin, Head of Product Management, Guidewire
  • Hosted by Matthew Grant, CEO, InsTech

The future of property valuations

During this panel, experts explored strategies for navigating price fluctuations amidst global conflict and the growing importance of “Green valuations” and ESG considerations in property damage policies. Additionally, they delved into the emerging role of AI, automation, and other technologies in valuations for the year 2024.

Panel Speakers:

  • Matthew Donahue, MD, Kroll
  • Rebecca Fuller, Global Fixed Asset Advisory Services Leader, Kroll
  • Hosted by Nigel Walsh, Managing Director, Head of Global Insurance, Google Cloud

Generative AI is here. A look inside the Cytora Platform

Join Cytora as they present an exclusive demo session highlighting the advanced capabilities of the Cytora Platform. Exploring how generative AI is revolutionizing risk intelligence, offering unparalleled insights into digital risk.

Panel Speakers:

  • Aeneas Wiener, CTO, Cytora
  • Juan De Castro, COO, Cytora

How Insurers are overcoming underwriting challenges in 2024

During this panel, industry experts emphasized streamlining underwriting processes through optimized data intake and routing. They highlighted the importance of robust property data profiles and precise risk pricing using contemporary methods. Additionally, the panelists expressed optimism about leveraging technology to propel innovation in underwriting.

Panel Speakers:

  • Patrick Gallic, VP Business Innovation, Tokio Marine HCC
  • Georgeanna Munger, Global Head of MidCorp Casualty & Underwriting Practices, Allianz Commercial
  • Brad Craner, Head of Underwriting Design & Operational Capabilities, US National Accounts, Zurich North America
  • Hosted by Robin Merttens, InsTech

Better boring than bust

In this discussion, the focus was on past mistakes in insurance technology, highlighting the importance of addressing real industry problems. Opportunities were identified in providing insurers with tech solutions, particularly in AI. Concerns were raised about climate change’s impact on property insurance. Overall, there was optimism about technology’s potential to make insurance more engaging and impactful.

Panel Speakers:

  • Martha Notaras, General Partner at Brewer Lane Ventures
  • Hosted by Robin Merttens, InsTech

We are back in New York in June

We have limited spaces. Register your interest now!

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