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InsTech Corporate Membership

Tap into the power of our community and experts to accelerate growth and expand your reach in the insurance market.

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Deliver insurance better

InsTech provides insights to help insurance companies become more effective, from entering new markets to improving core business processes with technology and responding to emerging risks.

Focused on where change is impacting insurance today, over 30,000+ insurance professionals access our intelligence to:

Enabled by solution partners

Today, it is clear that real change is driven by partnerships and collaborations between insurance companies and technology, data & analytics providers.

But in a crowded market, getting your solution in front of the right audience can be challenging.

InsTech has been one of the best partnerships the Kroll insurance valuation team has supported in the last 10 years.

Rebecca Fuller, Kroll

The InsTech Audience

A global community of over 30,000 insurance and technology professionals.

40% are insurers, brokers or MGAs

Consisting of large enterprises, early-stage start-ups and everything in between.

50% outside of the UK

A global community bringing together those with an interest in risk and insurance.

Senior decision-makers and insurance specialists

Regularly engage with InsTech across our website, newsletters, reports, podcasts, events and more.


Download the membership info pack

What is Membership?

Year-round presence with the InsTech community that builds your brand and increases recognition through our extensive network.

Showcase your expertise by aligning your solutions with the insurance sector’s key themes and challenges.

Co-created with InsTech experts who leverage our insights to create engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

In-person or digital, connect with senior leaders from the InsTech community.

Guidance on market research and positioning to maximise your impact in the insurance market.

Regular reporting to track engagement and identify potential customers.

Customisable to Your Business Goals

InsTech offers a customisable membership package. Choose from our modular blocks to select the activations that are most valuable to you. When you’re ready, get in touch with us to build your own membership package.

  • Deliver a fresh view on the world of insurance today. Feature your updates in our newsletters.

    • The InsTech Newsletter – weekly news, insights and upcoming events.
    • The Parametric Post – dedicated parametric insurance news every fortnight.
    • Climate Risk – a monthly round-up of the latest climate risk news and developments.
    • Generative AI in Practice – monthly insights into generative AI use cases in insurance.
  • Be amongst some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance creating breakthrough technology, driving innovation or investing in this area. Feature as a guest to showcase your unique offerings and client case studies.

    • Over 300,00 downloads in over 60 countries since launch
    • In Spotify’s top 5% most shared podcasts globally
    • Successful episodes reach over 1,000 insurance professionals
  • Join us when we gather our community to collaborate and share ideas that tackle critical themes on insurance. Attend events to network or get on stage to share insights.

    • Monthly evening events are hosted in central London with 250+ guests.
    • Roundtables and workshops take a deep dive into core topics.
    • Private dinners to facilitate building better connections.
    • Regular digital events that reach a global audience.
  • Collaborate with us as we deliver intelligence on where change is impacting insurance today. Co-create content with the InsTech Research and Insights team.

    • Themed reports on the companies providing solutions to the key challenges faced today.
    • Spotlight articles on our members and their solutions.
    • Case studies on how solutions are helping insurers today.
    • Market research and consulting on trends, product opportunities and network-led primary insights.
  • Host your content in our knowledge centre, where 10,000+ website visitors a month access InsTech intelligence across key topics including:

    • Environment and Climate
    • Platforms and Operations
    • Data
    • Underwriting
    • Claims
    • Distribution
    • Parametric
  • Connect with senior leaders from the InsTech community.

    • We look out for individuals we believe should know each other and, where appropriate, initiate personalised introductions.
    • Generate leads through events, reports, podcasts and more.
    • Your member profile on our website that showcases your company and content.
    • Attend member-only events to collaborate and build relationships with senior executives within the community.
  • InsTech Analyst can help you to identify, analyse and pursue the ideas that will grow your business.

    • Positioning: how to effectively position your solution and ensure differentiation in a crowded market.
    • Product refinement: get insights on and validate your product-market fit that drives strong demand.
    • Sample the views of key-decision makers to gain insights into your customer pain points and analyse product opportunities.
  • Increase reach, repurpose content, and improve engagement and retention with visual storytelling. InsTech experts will plan, film and produce video content that takes advantage of the rapidly growing B2B medium.

    • Enhance your podcast by upgrading to a video that enhances your brand with visual storytelling.
    • In-depth video interviews that boost the profile of your key employees and allow potential customers to meet the people behind the brand.
    • Capture panels at live events to continue the discussion post-event, engage with members who could not attend and create on-demand content.
  • Identify individuals who are interacting with your content to uncover potential new customers with InsTech IRIS insights.

    • Focus your sales and marketing teams on targeting accounts actively engaging with your content.
    • Uncover new prospects that may not be on your radar.
    • Regular update calls with your account manager to run through GDPR-compliant data.

Matched To Your Growth Stage

Whether you are new to insurance or growing market share, we offer recommended membership packages that are suitable for your current stage of growth.

Explore our recommended tiers:

  • New to insurance, or moving into new geographies, you have an initial product or service, but the offering is not fully defined yet.

    • Positioning: how to effectively position your solution and ensure differentiation in a crowded market.
    • Product refinement: get insights on and validate your product-market fit that drives strong demand.
    • Feedback: network and build connections with insurance professionals for valuable insights to shape your offering.
    • Increase visibility: with senior insurers through events, newsletters, digital and more.
  • You have an established product or service that has initial clients and use cases. You are looking to increase brand visibility and generate awareness.

    • Raise brand awareness: with the InsTech community across social media, newsletters, podcasts, events, articles, and more.
    • Showcase thought leadership: and position yourselves as an expert on specific topics.
    • Increase content output: co-created with InsTech experts that aligns your solutions to challenges faced by insurance professionals.
    • Network: and build meaningful connections with senior decision-makers in the InsTech community.
  • You are well-known in the industry with an established brand and more than one product offering. You are looking to drive more leads and acquire new customers.

    • Expand your reach: and stay front of mind with access to speaker slots at events, workshops & demos, video interviews, podcasts and more.
    • Drive lead generation: that converts brand awareness to sales with offline and online targeted activations.
    • Personalised introductions: to senior decision makers within insurance that accelerates customer acquisition.

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Explore our latest success stories to understand how we are partnering with our Corporate Members to accelerate growth and reach.

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InsTech has been one of the best partnerships the Kroll insurance valuation team has supported in the last 10 years.

Rebecca Fuller – Global Fixed Asset Advisory Services Leader, Kroll

InsTech has brought together a vibrant network of professionals and innovators who play a crucial role in advancing our industry. Through Instech, we’ve been able to share our innovative solutions, and engage with like-minded experts who are equally committed to reshaping the future of insurance and technology. This collaborative environment is not just about sharing ideas – it’s about creating actionable solutions that have a lasting impact.

David Schmid – Head of Parametric Products, Reask

We operate in a few different cities but London, by far, has the strongest community of insurance tech firms. It’s an incredible achievement to build something like this and testament to the hard work of Matthew, Robin and the team to build such a strong network of technology companies, insurers, brokers and consultants. The monthly live events are incredibly valuable for networking and to learn about what’s going on in the industry and what other companies are offering. The articles and reports that InsTech publishes are also a great source of knowledge.

Stuart Conibear – Chief Commercial Officer, Phinsys

Instech provides a network to share knowledge, collaborate and partner. By bringing together diverse expertise and perspectives with startups, incumbents, and new entrants, it enables innovation and acts as an advocate for its members. At any given time, the key themes and trends being discussed in the insurance market today, were agenda items for instech last year.

Ruth Polyblank – Vice President and Partnership lead – Insurance, Mastercard

InsTech is a unique place to meet like-minded companies and those we can partner with.

George Beattie – Head of Innovation, CFC

Collaboration and partnerships are key to success in the insurance industry. InsTech enables both. Offering deep insights, meaningful conversations and thought-provoking viewpoints – being part of the community is a must!

Sarah Sutton – CMO, Send

InsTech is the go to organisation for anyone involved in the tech side of insurance, you can’t afford not to be a part of this. Hugely beneficial for meeting potential partners and customers and a great platform for getting your name out there.

Alun Jones – Chief Commercial Officer, addresscloud

If you’re interested in real world application of insurance innovation, with maximum gravitas and minimal hype, InsTech is the community for you.

Charlotte Gregory – Partner, Capital Law

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