The weekly InsTech Podcast hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them.

Mark Anquillare: COO, Verisk Analytics: Making the World Better, Safer, and Stronger

14 Apr 2020

Verisk brings together analytics and data from across insurance, energy and payments covering areas such as fraud, catastrophe risk and loss.
In this week's episode Matthew Grant talks to Mark... listen here

Partners' Chat - April 2020: Matthew and Robin launch our new live events programme

07 Apr 2020

Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens discuss the latest insurance, innovation and insurtech news that has caught their attention. 
The conversation took place to launch our new series of live events on... listen here

Ruth Foxe Blader: Partner at Anthemis Group: Investing to create new opportunities

03 Apr 2020

Anthemis is one of the most well known investors in technology start-ups and scale-ups supporting insurance and financial services. Portfolio companies include: Goji, Flock, Hokodo, Insurdata,... listen here

InsTech Investigates: Podcasting tips with former BBC sound engineer Peter Roach

02 Apr 2020

Wondering about how to create a podcast and best practices for recording sound? In Episode 75 of the InsTech London podcasts, we're kicking off a series of "Instech Investigates" - a look beyond the... listen here

Google Cloud and Insurance – Planning for a Truly Digital Future

27 Mar 2020

Remember when we all got together and ran in-person events? Recorded live at The Steelyard, Episode 74 features the highlights from our event with Google Cloud, including what their plans are for... listen here

Gary Hoberman: CEO and Founder of Unqork: Accelerating innovation with no-code

20 Mar 2020

This week's episode, recorded in February 2020 - is a great lesson in the "art of the possible" when it comes to having, and delivering on a bold vision. 
CEO & founder Gary Hoberman and his team... listen here

Pandemic Podcast Special: Matthew Grant speaks to the industry experts

13 Mar 2020

This week we have a "pandemic podcast" special edition. A series of interviews recorded on Thursday 12 March, the day after the WHO had declared Covid-19 Coronavirus a pandemic.
In this 40 minute... listen here

Andrew Yeoman: CEO and Co-founder of Concirrus: A connected future for commercial insurance

06 Mar 2020

Concirrus is one of the most well-known companies in London to have emerged in recent years, providing analytics for commercial underwriting to a growing list of insurers.
CEO and Co-founder Andrew... listen here

David King: Founder of Artificial Labs: Organising the world's data

28 Feb 2020

After honing his skills and gaining experience in other industries, David King settled on insurance and, with co-founder Johnny Bridges set up Artificial Labs in 2013.
Today Artificial is helping... listen here

John Cavanagh: Co-founder Beat Capital: Supporting entrepreneurial underwriting at Lloyd's

23 Feb 2020

Proving that it's never too late to start a new business, John Cavanagh retired as CEO from Willis Re in 2017 to set up Beat Capital with Tom Milligan (previously Co-CEO of Ariel Re).
Today Beat... listen here

Richard Hartley: CEO & Co-Founder of Cytora: Underwriting analytics for commercial insurance

11 Feb 2020

As data becomes more widely available, underwriters may have more information to select and price the business they are taking on, but they don't have more time.
Matthew Grant spoke to Richard... listen here

The Future of Payments in Insurance - Mastercard & Davies Group

07 Feb 2020

Why Mastercard is so enthusiastic about the opportunities of working with partners in insurance 
Lessons from the banks and fintech - and relevance for insurtech
Why data will change perceptions of... listen here

Nick Mair: CEO & Founder, DQPro: Delivering Data Certainty

31 Jan 2020

Data is at the heart of many decisions in insurance - pricing, risk mitigation, claims and capital management. But data needs to be high quality - and that requires constant diligence. 
CEO and... listen here

Erik Abrahamsson: CEO & Founder, Digital Fineprint: Discovering the data to drive decisions

24 Jan 2020

Ask someone to name some of the more successful UK insurtech scale-ups and Digital Fineprint (DFP) often gets a mention.
In three years CEO and Founder Erik Abrahamsson has taken DFP from holding... listen here

Martha Notaras: Managing Partner, Brewer Lane Ventures: Investment, insight and influence

20 Jan 2020

The launch of a new Insurtech fund – Brewer Lane Ventures – was announced earlier this month. Martha Notaras will be Managing Partner along with founder John Kim.
Martha was formerly part of the team... listen here

Bernard Goyder: Senior Reporter, Insurance Insider: An Englishman in New York

13 Jan 2020

Episode 63 of the InsTech London podcast features a return from Bernard Goyder, a journalist with Insurance Insider.
Bernard is currently on a posting to New York, having previously been the... listen here

Insurance Leadership; what do they really care about?

06 Jan 2020

We've interviewed well over 100 people in 2019 and you can hear most of them on the InsTech London podcasts. Our guests share fantastic insights - whether on stage speaking to us at our events, or... listen here

Jacqueline McNamee, CEO & Founder of C-Quence. Building a Management Liability MGA

06 Jan 2020

The role and potential for MGAs was much discussed in 2019, with some significant fundraising and acquisitions.Jacqueline McNamee, a former underwriter, became frustrated with the speed of innovation... listen here

The InsTech Partners' wrap up: looking back, looking forward

23 Dec 2019

Matthew and Robin took some time out from a busy year end to review their personal highlights from the past 12 months, and take look at what's coming up in the next few months. Topics included... listen here

Trevor Maynard: Head of Innovation, Lloyd's. New solutions, new markets and the future of Lloyd's

15 Dec 2019

We've been hearing a lot recently about how Lloyd's of London is looking to harness innovation across many areas to expand the range of insurance it can cover, improve efficiency and find new ways to... listen here