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Dr Avi Baruch, Previsico

Allison Whittington, Zurich Municipal & Mark Murphy, Donaldson Timber

Managing your flood risk – stories from the frontline

The thing that binds us all together is we’re all in the same team trying to reduce the impact of flooding. Because the people on the front line, the insurance company, the insurance buyer, the broker, everyone wants the same thing, which is for unnecessary flood impacts to be prevented.

Dr Avi Baruch, Co-founder and COO at Previsico


How would your clients describe you? 

This week on the podcast we have taken a slightly different approach and brought Previsico’s clients, Zurich Munciple and Donaldson Timber, to discuss how Previsico has helped them with flood risk management.

Previsico provides real-time flood forecasts, as part of its mission to reduce global flooding impact, by developing technologies that offer early warning systems for surface water flooding. Discover the importance of collaboration by hearing from Dr Avi Baruch and his work with Allison Whittington at Zurich Municipal and Mark Murphy at Donaldson Timber.

Key Talking Points

  • The start of Previsico: a PhD research project 
  • Client Insights: Zurich Municipal’s approach to flood resilience
  • Exploring the impact of floods and the importance of early warning systems
  • The role of insurance in flood risk management and resilience building
  • Operational challenges and solutions in flood risk management
  • Exploring the complexities of Sustainability and ESG Commitments
  • The role of insurance in supporting sustainability
  • Client Insights: Donaldson Timber’s proactive flood risk management

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  • Define why collaboration is important across the insurance industry
  • Summarise how partnerships with insurers can help with the operational advantages of adopting new technologies

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