The weekly InsTech Podcast hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them.

Cole Winans: Founder & CEO, Flyreel: Know your risk; the self-service property inspection tool helping insurers & their clients

12 Mar 2021

The most useful insurance products are often a combination of a simple concept powered by complex technology. 
Flyreel’s AI Assistant is a great example, harnessing the potential of AI in a practical... listen here

Charles Blanchet: VP of Solutions, ICEYE: Your satellite will be with you shortly: Rapid flood loss assessment

05 Mar 2021

Using its own constellation of microsatellites, ICEYE is providing insurers with high-resolution, building-level flood depths around the world immediately after an event.
VP of Solutions Charles... listen here

Thomas Loridan & Nick Hassam: CEO & CCO, reask: Short term climate variability - forecasting with confidence

26 Feb 2021

The ability to accurately forecast annual changes in the likelihood of damaging hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons occurring has been a challenge in the past.  Now, with advances in technology,... listen here

Ed Leon Klinger: CEO, Flock: The insurer of the future has arrived

19 Feb 2021

Since its inception in 2015, Flock has grown from a promising insurtech to setting its sights on becoming a truly global insurance provider. 
The company’s micro-duration policies have made it a... listen here

Arjun Ramdas: CEO, Charles Taylor InsureTech: Platforms, data collaboration and market efficiency

12 Feb 2021

A lack of standardisation and the ability to transfer data through the entirety of the insurance lifecycle remains a major challenge for the industry.
Charles Taylor InsureTech CEO Arjun Ramdas joins... listen here

Top tips for fundraising: The founders' stories

05 Feb 2021

Money is the rocket fuel for business growth, but raising funds is a major challenge for almost every company looking to scale.
So how do you do it? Matthew asks three founders who secured early... listen here

Ben Hubbard: CEO & Co-founder, Parsyl: Cold chains, Covid & parametric insurance

29 Jan 2021

Since forming part of the first Lloyd’s Lab cohort in 2018, Parsyl has established itself as an innovative technology company, global cargo insurer and more recently, a vital part of the fight... listen here

Robin Merttens & Mark Geoghegan: E-Trading Platforms: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperative

26 Jan 2021

Robin Merttens talks to guest host Mark Geoghegan ahead of the release of our new report on e-trading of reinsurance and complex risks. 
E-Trading Platforms: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperative... listen here

Mark Patterson, Deloitte & Mark Eastham, Avantia: What 8,000 people want from their insurer

22 Jan 2021

On Podcast 121, Matthew Grant talks to Mark Patterson from Deloitte about its survey, The Future of Home and Motor Insurance.
The survey is the result of interviews with 8,000 consumers across 12... listen here

Pascal Millaire: CEO, CyberCube: Powering profitable cyber insurance growth

15 Jan 2021

The increasing threat from cyber attacks has presented the insurance industry with its biggest opportunity in over a century, according to Pascal Millaire.
The CyberCube CEO joins host Matthew Grant... listen here

Parul Kaul-Green: Chief of Staff, AXA XL Asia and Europe: Reconnecting insurance with its purpose

09 Jan 2021

This week we're hearing from a well-known leader from one of the largest global speciality insurers, AXA XL and someone who always provides a refreshing perspective on what is happening around us. ... listen here

The Friends' Forecasts 2021 - 20 People’s Predictions

02 Jan 2021

After the rollercoaster of 2020 it’s a brave soul that’s willing to commit to what 2021 will look like. But running a global network of talented and successful people means that we have been able to... listen here

Robin Merttens & Matthew Grant: Partners’ Chat Christmas Special

24 Dec 2020

A pause from interviewing our usual guests this week as Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens - the InsTech London partners - are back to reflect on the year that's passed and what's coming up.
Find out... listen here

Rod Fox: CEO, TigerRisk Partners: Capital, culture and challenging the status quo

17 Dec 2020

Rod Fox co-founded TigerRisk Partners in 2008 after spotting a gap in the reinsurance market. Just over a decade later, the company has established itself in a leadership role and a reputation for... listen here

Neta Rozy: Co-founder and CTO, Parametrix Insurance: Parametric downtime insurance

11 Dec 2020

Covid-19 has led to insurance companies ramping up the speed of their digital evolution, but relying on third-party services like a cloud provider creates new external risks that need insuring.  ... listen here

Mark Varley: Founder and CEO, Addresscloud: Hitting the spot - getting location accuracy right

04 Dec 2020

To provide the right insurance for homes and workplaces, insurers have to be sure of the exact location of the assets.
But 500 years on from the creation of the UK’s Royal Mail, the challenge of... listen here

Paul Prendergast: CEO and Co-founder, Blink Parametric: Parametric, payments and protection

27 Nov 2020

Blink Parametric’s new Hurricane Non-Damage Business Interruption solution, developed in the Lloyd’s Lab, is aiming to cut waiting times for payouts from months to days. 
It’s the latest product from... listen here

Robin Roberson: Founder of WeGoLook & Managing Director of Claim Central Consolidated: A journey of people, platforms and perseverance

20 Nov 2020

Turning a start-up into a successful company requires the ability to clearly identify customer problems and spotting market opportunities for growth. 
A conversation with a friend about eBay led... listen here

Mark Cunningham: Co-founder, WhenFresh: The data supermarket and its master chefs

13 Nov 2020

A shortage of data isn’t a problem in insurance but identifying sources that are high-quality can mean a lot of shopping around.
WhenFresh is one company looking to speed up that process, through... listen here

Paul Mang: Chief Innovation Officer, Guidewire: Insurance analytics for 21st century risk management

06 Nov 2020

Insurance might be “swimming in data” - but without actionable insights that data is just noise.
Matthew catches up with Paul Mang, Chief Innovation Officer at Guidewire to explore the latest... listen here