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Overstone: The intersection of art, finance and insurance

26 May 2023

Overstone is used by financial service providers, insurers and auction houses to assess the risk of fraud, theft, damage and concentration as well as to value individual works of art and large-scale... read more

In conversation with Aon STG’s Paul Campbell on driving higher performing insurers

23 May 2023

Paul Campbell, Global Growth Officer at Aon's Strategy and Technology Group (STG), spoke to InsTech Executive Chairman Robin Merttens at the Aon-sponsored InsTech event, 'How to optimse your... read more

Gamma Location Intelligence: supporting climate risk reporting

22 May 2023

Gamma Location Intelligence (Gamma LI) provides cloud-hosted location intelligence solutions for European property insurers, MGAs and banks. The Gamma LI team recently sat down with InsTech’s Ali... read more

Cytora: achieving digital risk flows in commercial insurance

18 May 2023

InsTech’s Henry Gale speaks to Richard Hartley, Co-founder and CEO of Cytora, about how commercial insurers are digitising their submission intake process, the competitive advantages of implementing... read more

InsTech Insurance Innovation Survey 2023: 80% of insurance tech buyers see opportunity for better provision

10 May 2023

The 2023 InsTech insurance innovation member survey has just been released, highlighting that there’s still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to insurance technology provision.
Watch... read more

Inversion: Flipping the script on insurance and reinsurance with emerging technologies

09 May 2023

Inversion specialises in bespoke software development services tailored for the insurance and reinsurance sector. InsTech's Tara Allsopp talked with Inversion's founders, Jacques Bosch and Piro... read more

Instabase: intelligent automation for insurance

09 May 2023

InsTech’s Henry Gale speaks to Bas De Goei, Insurance Industry Leader at Instabase, about the advent of large language models (LLMs) and how insurers can automate commercial submissions and claims... read more

Cloud Computing: Unlocking opportunities for insurance innovation

03 May 2023

In the last five years, most new technology for business applications has been deployed to run on the cloud. This fundamental shift in technology opens up new opportunities for anyone with a desire... read more

Mulberry Risk, Aventum Group: helping MGAs secure, manage and protect capacity

27 Apr 2023

InsTech’s Henry Gale speaks to David Hughes, Founder and CEO of Mulberry Risk, an Aventum Group company, about the challenges of capacity relationships for MGAs and a new way for MGAs to access... read more

Earnix: modernising insurance processes

19 Apr 2023

Earnix provides software to global insurers and banks, including analytical solutions for rating, pricing and personalisation. InsTech’s Ali Smedley caught up with Aaron Wright, Earnix’s Director of... read more

Marine insurance - successfully navigating innovation waters

18 Apr 2023

What odds would you have got a decade ago for a bet that in 2023 Marine insurance* would be the most innovative of all the specialty classes? Marine underwriters had a well-deserved reputation for... read more

Corporate earthquake risk: the potential for building-specific risk transfer

12 Apr 2023

Corporations can face costly losses after an earthquake, but insurance is becoming more expensive, with higher deductibles and lower limits.
As more corporates choose parametric earthquake insurance... read more

Fadata: Flexibility through configurability and partnerships

11 Apr 2023

Fadata recently unveiled its strategy for expanding into the UK in 2023, detailing a new partner ecosystem and an emphasis on supporting life and health insurers. InsTech’s Tara Allsopp interviewed... read more

JBA Risk Management: the complexities of understanding future flood risk

05 Apr 2023

InsTech’s Ali Smedley joined JBA’s Hydrology Technical Lead, Dr Dave Leedal, to discuss how snowmelt-induced flooding is affected by climate change, how JBA is helping insurers understand future... read more

The Demex Group: covering the weather protection gap

03 Apr 2023

The Demex Group’s President & CEO Bill Clark and Chief Risk Officer Matt Coleman recently joined Matthew Grant and Henry Gale on InsTech podcast episode 234 to talk about how increasing losses... read more

Cerchia: new sources of capital to transfer emerging risks

30 Mar 2023

Cerchia is creating a digital marketplace to build a bridge between capital market investors and buyers of protection, lowering hurdles of access for businesses and investors, and introducing new... read more

Property Intelligence: Understanding and managing natural hazards

30 Mar 2023

“Natural hazards” refers to natural factors in the external environment that could damage or destroy a building. These most commonly include flood, wildfire and tropical storms, but others include... read more

Shift Technology: Fighting fraud and financial crime

28 Mar 2023

Challenging economic conditions have fueled a rise in insurance fraud. To avoid financial losses insurers must effectively detect fraud whilst maintaining strong customer service for genuine... read more

In Conversation with Duck Creek: Accelerating the speed to market for embedded product development

21 Mar 2023

InsTech’s Tara Allsopp joined Andrew How, Senior Sales Director at Duck Creek to discuss embedded insurance. The two spoke about how Duck Creek is helping businesses quickly create, release and... read more

Descartes Underwriting and Previsico: using IoT to manage and transfer commercial flood risks

16 Mar 2023

Paul Jones, Business Development Director – UK & Ireland at Descartes Underwriting, and Dr Andrew Pledger, IoT Systems Manager at Previsico, participated in a joint interview with InsTech’s Henry... read more


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