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Russell Higginbotham

CEO, Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions

Making society more resilient – using new data to close the protection gap

It comes back to that topic around data and “doing good” because I think as data becomes more and more available, I would encourage everyone to think about how can we as an insurance industry get more products, more cover, good value cover in well designed products into the hands of more and more customers.


There’s a massive protection gap out there and it gets bigger every year, which means if you take a negative view of that, it means that we’re failing as an insurance industry. And so over time, there’s a risk that we become less relevant. That should never be the case because we should be there providing great value products to society and doing our bit to make society more resilient.

Russell Higginbotham, CEO at Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions


Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions was launched two years ago to make Swiss Re’s unique knowledge and tools available across the insurance value chain.

Swiss Re’s strongest point of knowledge is property – around which we centre this podcast. Robin Merttens spoke to CEO of Reinsurance Solutions Russell Higginbotham on approaching climate-related risks in the insurance industry as well as managing the balance between data accuracy and inclusivity of insurance products for customers.

Key Talking Points

  • The implication of climate change on property insurance
  • If you are running an insurer now – what should you be focusing on?
  • What should the whole ecosystem be doing with climate change? Planning the future
  • Understanding ‘uninsurability’ 
  • Partnerships with Google X, the moonshot factory and acquiring Fathom

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  • Explain how acquisitions can help a company gain better data and why partnerships are important in the industry
  • Summarise why climate change is such an important risk and what insurers should focus on to tackle it best

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