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Parametric insurance is enabling coverage for risks that were previously difficult or impossible to insure. With pay-outs based on event triggers rather than loss assessments, organisations are increasingly turning to parametric to fill gaps in catastrophe cover or protect against emerging risks.

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Parametric Insurance Part One: Your fast track to expertise
Read this and you’ll be on your way to knowing more than 99% of what anyone else in insurance knows about a topic that’s attracting a lot of interest. That makes you an expert in my opinion. The debate is heating up just now ...
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InsTech Investigates: Podcasting tips with former BBC sound engineer Peter Roach
Wondering about how to create a podcast and best practices for recording sound? In Episode 75 of the InsTech London podcasts, we’re kicking off a series of “Instech Investigates” – a look beyond the usual topics and a chance to learn more about the skills you ...