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InsTech London 2021 live events

We are now hosting Live Talk video events (like webinars but more engaging), mostly through our BrightTALK channel.

Future events and past recordings below. 

If you’re interested in sponsoring an InsTech London event, contact us at [email protected]

You can find videos, photos, podcasts and agendas from previous events on our Past Events page

InsTech London Live Talks

Future events

E-Trading and the Future of Complex Insurance – Does London Hold the Key? – 28 January
There is a renewed interest in e-trading platforms for reinsurance and complex risks spawned by a combination of COVID acting as an accelerant, Lloyd’s Blueprint Two, the insurance markets’ own dynamics and the needs of increasingly demanding customers. The event will coincide with the publication of a comprehensive InsTech London report on e-trading of reinsurance and complex risks by InsTech London partner, Robin Merttens, who has been involved in digitising insurance since 2000. Register here

Past events

The Instech London and PKF Littlejohn 2021 Predictions Party – 15 December
At the end of each year it is customary for industry pundits to publish their predictions for the year ahead. We at InsTech London intend to do the same, but given that we are an innovation community and that there is immense predictive analytical capability residing within our corporate membership we have decided that the best way to look ahead is to crowdsource predictions from it. A summary of predictions for 2021 will be shared with our community soon. Sign up for the newsletter so that you don’t miss it.   

Raising Money: the Founders’ Stories – 8 December 
Innovative ideas are great, but funding is the fuel for growth. This event takes us back to the origins of InsTech London, giving a voice to early-stage companies. Tune in to hear from the founders of 4 companies in different stages of growth, with technology and access to underwriting capacity. We are joined by Andre Symes of Genasys, who is generously supporting the event as a way of helping others start, or continue, their company building journey. View the recording of the event here. 

Data is the New Oil – Fracking Unstructured Content – 3 December
There is a reservoir of unstructured data trapped in every organisation just waiting to be extracted and refined to provide valuable business insights. Successful prospectors know what to look for buried deep in text-based content and media, acquiring the right tools to drill into previously inaccessible information, bring to the surface and refine into a powerful new data source. This event will look at the technology and services now available to insurers to do this, and will run through proven use cases around risk analysis, fraud detection and customer insights. View the recording of the event here

Data Fuelled Risk Management: Insuring Hazardous Goods with Pen Underwriting – 5 November
Explore the risks and data challenges involved in handling and insuring hazardous goods. As one of its key niche product areas, Pen Underwriting shares real-time examples and case studies to learn from, including industry facts like the most environmentally destructive liquid in the UK. View the recording of the event here.

Getting Closer to Your Customer: Innovating through Platforms and Marketplaces – 29 October
The best technology in the world is useless if no one uses it. A challenge for both insurers and those building technology and analytics – whether in the new world of Insurtech – or the established providers is how to make it easy for insurers to use the products. In this event, sponsored by Guidewire, we will be looking at an example of one marketplace that is enabling insurers to discover and easily adopt new innovations from solution providers of all sizes. View the recording of the event here. 

Resilience and the Role of the Life and Protection Industry – 8 October
Changes in lifestyle, employment and home ownership initiated by Covid-19 are creating a challenging economic and employment environment and unprecedented levels of uncertainty that have required customers [and businesses] to take a fresh look at their life, health and protection needs. This is both a significant challenge and great opportunity for insurers. They need to make insurance more flexible and affordable because money is tight but there is greater need for healthcare and insurance – something has to give. View the recording of the event here.

Parametric Solutions. A Global Perspective – 1 October
There is an increasing awareness of the potential for parametric solutions to help solve some of the challenges for many areas of the world that remain exposed through lack of insurance and catastrophic disasters, creating an insurance gap of up to 96% in some countries. Join us to hear Matthew Grant, InsTech London Partner, talk to the Global Parametrics leadership team and their partners about real-life case studies and the analytics, support and indices the company is now making available to organisations looking for innovative ways to structure protection. View the recording of the event here

No Code Insurance Platforms: Hype or Game-Changing? – 8 September
In this Live Chat we examined how No-Code platforms can revolutionise insurance, asked who is adopting them and why.  On the panel were Farooq Sheikh, Insurance GTM Lead of Unqork and Adrian Webb, Strategic Advisor at 360Globalnet. Listen in and after 45 minutes make up your own mind – are No-Code platforms just hype or genuine game-changers? View the recording of the event here.

ITC World Tour – UK Event – 3 September 
InsureTech Connect (ITC) is well known for its annual Las Vegas conference that last year attracted over 6,000 people. This year ITC is running a virtual global tour, known as the ITC World Tour, from 1-18 September. InsTech London is hosting the UK event, which will showcase five start-ups that are amongst the best representations of UK innovation, with solutions that are, or could be, applicable globally. The event will run for 60–90 minutes and start with a discussion about the current trends in the UK insurtech scene and which start-ups could be the next major export. View the recording of the event here

Intangibles: Reputation, Human Capital and IP. New solutions for New Risks – 6 August
The shift towards a world dominated by intangible assets like reputation, human capital and intellectual property, started decades ago. COVID-19 has accelerated trends such as the shift to remote workforces and digital transactions, further increasing the value of intangible assets, reckoned to have exceeded 80% of S & P companies corporate value in the last 10-15 years. Although hard to measure, these new areas of exposure offer great opportunities for insurers. View the recording of the live chat here. 

Plugging the Gaps: How well do you understand your flood exposure? – 30 July
Catastrophic Flood events happen every year in all parts of the world and flood is one of the hardest perils to model.  With the support of Nasdaq we’ve brought together some of the industry’s leading Catastrophe Model Developers to discuss different approaches to producing flood models and what the future of flood modelling holds.  View the recording of the live chat here.

Is Your Data Deceiving You? Getting Data Fit for a Digital World – 23 July
Everyone’s talking about the power of data. Yet the more information we have, the greater the chance that poor data hygiene can trigger some unpleasant surprises in your analytics, pricing or reporting. We discussed how leading insurance carriers have been able to introduce simple, but effective processes to identify and sort out erroneous or missing data. View the recording of the live chat here.

Crafting the Samurai Sword – How to Advance Your Cyber Data Strategy – 14 July
Creating a data lake that serves as a competitive advantage for your cyber insurance business is both a science and an art. Cyber data is plentiful but can be large, complex and dynamic. In this webinar, we discussed some of the challenges in creating and implementing an end-to-end cyber data strategy. View the recording of the live chat here.

Are We Stuck on Legacy Technology Forever? – 9 July
In this session we looked at why legacy systems are such a big problem, what we learned from those who tried and failed, what the alternatives might be and talked to a few of the technology companies who are helping the insurance industry tackle the issue. We were joined by Anthony Grosso, Head of Marketing and Comms at EIS Group, Frederic Valluet, Head of Insurance EMEA at Vlocity and Charlie Blackburn, Co-Founder of Azur Underwriting. View the recording of the live chat here.

InsurTech in Europe: A Health Check and Prognosis – 2 July
InsTech London is talking to the heads of the InsurTech communities in Munich, Cologne and Dublin to discuss InsurTech in Europe post pandemic to take the temperature in their respective communities. We’ll be discussing current trends, 2020 winners and losers, investment climate and generally comparing notes. Hosted by Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London you will hear from Sebastian Pitzler, Managing Director at InsurLab Germany; Gerard de Vere, Founder of InsurTech Ireland and Christian Gnam, Managing Director at InsurTech Hub Munich. This is the second in a series of events being curated by the Global InsurTech Alliance. View the recording of the live chat here. 

Insurtech Israel UK Roadshow – 29 June 
Our friends in Israel from the Global Insurtech Alliance (GITA) created an opportunity to virtually meet with 14 Israeli startups and scaleups that they reckon will be part of the future of insurance and financial services. Each startup gave a 5 minutes presentation while attendees could ask questions and request 1-to-1 introductions. Recording to be shared shortly. 

Changing World of Work: What This Means for Life Insurers and Their Customers – 25 June
We face a significant inflection point with easing lockdowns, organisations planning for a safe return to the office and reimagining the world of work. In this Live Chat, sponsored by EY, Robin Merttens of InsTech London, Keith Aylwin, Life & Pensions Technology Lead at EY, Maeña Twomey, Lab Product Owner – Protection at Lloyds Banking Group and Mike Minett, Founder of PORTABL discussed recent changes to and the importance of life-related insurance in the context of the new marketplace. Our thanks go to EY for sponsoring this event. View the recording of the live chat here.

New Data for a New Future – 18 June
Previously overlooked sources of data can now provide insurers with rich insights, enabling them to tailor covers and deliver transparency. The panel comprised data specialist Carlos Fonseca, SVP Data & Services, Mastercard, Gethin Jones, Co-founder & Director at Skyline Partners and David Schenkel, Solutions Manager at Swiss Re. We explored what Mastercard’s data-led initiative might mean for the insurance industry, the potential value of data insights and how they can be applied to provide broader, better, more certain insurance cover. Many thanks to Mastercard for sponsoring this event. View the recording of the live chat here.

Elephant Hunting & Mouse Safaris: What the Data Reveals in Property Insurance – 11 June
The value of data in risk selection and portfolio management is well understood, but with so much choice it can be hard to tell which data really drives an understanding of the risk. Matthew Grant, InsTech London partner, was joined by three CEOs and founders of businesses delivering data and analytics to leading insurance organisations in the US and UK to discuss what it takes to stand out amongst the crowd in today’s world of open-source data and sophisticated analytics. View the recording of the live chat here

Broking On The Move – Your Future Has Been Accelerated. Now What? – 26 May
In this Live Chat, Matthew Grant of InsTech London, Nick Haldane of Novidea, Keith Bucknall of SRG, and Chris Carney of Verticalised Consulting discussed how a data-first platform can help you become a broker of the future today and serve your clients seamlessly. View the recording of the live chat here.

Lloyd’s Lab: Responses to the Pandemic – 19 May 
In this Live Chat, Matthew Grant, InsTech London Partner, talked to Trevor Maynard, Head of Innovation at Lloyd’s about plans for the Lloyd’s Lab. As part of a package of initiatives to respond to COVID-19, Lloyd’s has reimagined the scope and timing of Cohort 5 of the Lloyd’s Lab, to help fast-track the development of innovative new products and solutions. Mathew and Trevor reviewed the selection process for Cohort 5 and were joined by Mark Roulston, Senior Data Scientist at Hivemind, and Robert Reville, CEO and Co-founder at Praedicat – two companies with existing pandemic propositions. View the recording of the live chat here.

Technology for Commercial Property – The Future Has Arrived – 14 May 
This event, sponsored by Shepherd, examined the lasting impact of this pandemic on how commercial property is managed and insured. Robin Merttens, InsTech London Partner, was joined Stephen Chadwick, CEO at Shepherd; Dan Prince, Executive Director at Hyperion X and Adrian Webb, Head of Marketing and Communications at 360Globalnet. View the recording of the live chat here.

Pandemics and the Coverage Gap: Creating Future Solutions – 5 May
This supported by SAS event brought together three leading thinkers to explore some practical and creative solutions for protecting against future mega-catastrophes including, but not excluding pandemics. View the recording of the live chat here.

The Role of Parametric Insurance in a Post Covid World – 30 April
Find out what role parametric insurance can play in providing certainty and rebuilding trust once we emerge from this crisis. Robin Merttens was joined by truly global experts in parametric insurance Alastair Speare-Cole, President of Insurance at QOMPLX (who kindly sponsored the event); Hector Ibarra, CEO at Global Parametrics and Adam Rimmer, Co-founder at FloodFlash. View the recording of the live chat here.

Wine Fun as a Service (WFaaS) – 28 April
We hosted a virtual wine tasting event collecting in the recommendations of our vibrant insurtech community. WFaaS (Wine Fun as a Service) proved to be great fun indeed and we expect it to become a regular in InsTech events’ schedule. The wine recommendations list will become available soon. 

Introducing the Post Pandemic Playbook – 23 April
Insurance will undergo a radical shift when we return to normal life, but what should we expect? Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens were joined by Matthew Jones from (Anthemis) to launch our “Post Pandemic Playbook” series. View the recording here.

Disrupted, not disconnected. Insurance Innovation in Motor & Mobility – 16 April
Motor insurance has been the birthplace of many initiatives that have crossed over into other types of insurance. Matthew Grant discusses the success and challenges of these unusual times with co-hosts RDT and guests from Brightside and Wejo. View the recording here

An InsurTech Survival Guide – 9 April
Rhys Oakley (Sheridans) and Dave Taylor (Deloitte) provide advice and guidance on the available Government support, plus other practical steps to help businesses successfully navigate the Coronavirus shutdown. View the recording here

Partners’ Chat – 2 April 
Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens launched our new InsTech London BrightTALK channel with a review of the insurance, innovation and insurtech news that has caught their eye recently. View the recording here

POSTPONED: Using Big Data and Insurance to Unlock the UK Residential Market
WhenFresh co-Founder Mark Cunningham and CLS Group Director, Tom Plews join Matthew Grant, InsTech London Partner, to discuss their new collaborative survey-less, insurance-backed property valuations solution, which has the potential to unlock the UK property market. 

Evening events at The Steelyard, London

We hope to resume these events in the near future. 

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