Richard Hartley: Co-founder & CEO, Cytora: Helping underwriting risk submissions glide through your business flow

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Cytora is well known in London and increasingly in the US too, as providing analytics for insurers - founded in 2014 and with some well-known clients including Allianz, Beazley and Markel - this is another company that’s made the transition from start-up to scale-up.

Richard Hartley is the Co-founder and CEO. In this episode you will discover why the company pivoted from its original premise of sourcing data to help with commercial underwriting pricing - to its new solution, which is making underwriters' lives better,  improving, as Richard puts it, how information glides through companies.

You are going to find out:

  • How Richard and his team refocused the business when they realised that it's not the lack of data that is often holding insurers back, but too much data and data that’s hard to organise.
  • When insurers should be making decisions to buy versus build their own technology
  • Some of the differences between those of you in the US compared to us here in the UK.
  • When it's better to go and find people with fresh ideas from outside the industry or tap into the experts from within 
  • Which insurance company - and Cytora client - has a goal of getting 80% of its insurance submissions managed with straight-through processing - untouched by human hands
  • And finally - you can’t do everything so how to say no to your client?

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