Andy Greff: CEO, Plnar: Measuring loss remotely, cheaply, easily


Plnar’s technology platform allows users to capture detailed property and loss information on their phones, with the data being used by insurers to support underwriting and claim processes.

Matthew speaks to CEO Andy Greff about how images captured remotely by policyholders are providing new insights on property characteristics, speeding up claims by removing the need for a home inspection and Plnar’s plans for further expansion. 

Talking points include: 

  • The importance of creating digital measurements when performing remote claims assessments
  • How Plnar evolved during Covid-19 
  • The importance of the policyholder and the role of “digital desk adjusters” in effective use of the system
  • How developments in Artificial Intelligence enable essential loss details to be picked up when producing images from mobile phones
  • 'Intelligent augmentation' vs Artificial Intelligence
  • How Plnar is working with partners including CoreLogic

Plnar is one of the companies featured in the InsTech report, Property Remote Claims Assessment: the 40 Companies to Watch, which is available to download in our Reports section.

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  • Define a 'digital desk adjuster' and their role in an insurance organisation
  • Compare the benefits and challenges of implementing intelligence augmentation and artificial intelligence approaches

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