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Property Remote Claims Assessment – the 40 Companies to Watch

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Customers want a faster, less painful way to have their claims paid. Insurers have been burning up cash with inefficient processes. Until 2020, investments in technology to better manage claims made up only 18% of all investments in insurtech. Covid has changed that.

An increasing number of companies are now successfully deploying technology to support the review, assessment and settlement of claims remotely and these are being used by over 50% of the top global insurance carriers.

Our new report, Property Remote Claims Assessment – the 40 Companies to Watch, provides an overview of how insurers are carrying out remote claims and the opportunities emerging from new technologies.

We have identified 40 companies that are offering solutions. We will be providing a description of what each company is offering, with an extended write up for the companies we know well and have been working closely with as InsTech members.

Live Chat – Remote Claims Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities

To support the launch of Property Remote Claims Assessment – the 40 companies to watch, Matthew Grant hosted a Live Chat with Sebastián González Abreu from Bdeo, Patrick Sullivan from Risk Information Inc. and Rebekah Bostan, Director of Research and Insights at InsTech London.

The panel discussed what is happening in remote claims, the opportunities emerging from new technologies and the future themes in the space.

The Live Chat is available to watch again on the InsTech BrightTALK Channel.

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