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Garrett Koehn, President of CRC Brokerage

Gordon Wintrob, Co-founder and CTO of Newfront

Brokers using generative AI today

This week, we return with Henry Gale as he caught up with Garrett Koehn, President of CRC Brokerage, and Gordon Wintrob, Co-founder and CTO of Newfront. The discussion covers the potential of generative AI for insurance brokers, with real-world examples of brokers using AI right now.

Garrett and Gordon talk about how generative AI can improve the customer experience and discuss which AI solutions are better to build or buy.

Listen to this episode to find out more about how “we are all going to become tech companies”.

Talking points include:

  • Exploring the use of AI in insurance brokerage – real-world examples
  • Using AI to direct risks to the underwriters most likely to write it
  • How brokers using generative AI helps underwriters
  • Using AI to spot gaps in coverage from contracts with insurance requirements
  • The future of jobs in the insurance industry – supercharge your professionals
  • Updates on insurance and AI start-ups you should know

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Continuing Professional Development

This InsTech Podcast Episode is accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). By listening, you can claim up to 0.5 hours towards your CPD scheme.

By the end of this podcast, you should be able to meet the following Learning Objectives:

  • Define how generative AI can be included in workflow processes for brokers
  • Specify how generative AI is currently being used in insurance, and where it could be developed and expanded
  • List the positive and negative aspects of developing your own AI software as opposed to adopting a third-party provider

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