Live Chat: Property Intelligence - understanding and managing natural hazards

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Data and analytical tools to identify and measure the potential impact of natural hazards were first released about 30 years ago and have continued to evolve and expand since. Preventing or reducing losses by identifying and incentivising actions the policyholder can take to make their property more resilient is also becoming a key focus for insurers.

Live Chat: Property Intelligence - understanding and managing natural hazards

This discussion coincides with the release of our latest report focusing on reviewing the techniques available today to help insurers understand, manage and mitigate risk for properties they are insuring.

Matthew Grant and Ali Smedley will review the latest trends in catastrophe modelling and hazard data with guest speakers from companies featured in the report.

Continuing Professional Development - Learning Objectives

InsTech is accredited by The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). By watching an InsTech Live Chat, you can claim up to 0.5 CPD hours towards the CII member CPD scheme.

Let us know you attended the event by emailing and if your organisation is a member of InsTech, you will receive a quarterly summary of the CPD hours you have earned.

For CPD purposes, the Learning Objectives for this live chat are:

  • Describe some of the different ways hazard data and analytics are being accessed
  • Identify what data and technology can be used to manage and mitigate risk to properties
  • Summarise how the catastrophe modelling and hazard data market has evolved in recent years

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