Automating processes and speeding up operations: 30 companies we know

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For most insurance organisations, there are manual elements to ingesting, processing and transferring data, which is time consuming and expensive.

Our first report on data ingestion and extraction was published in July 2021. It provided an overview of the state of data ingestion and extraction in insurance and profiled 40 technology companies to watch.

Insurers are still facing challenges with their data processes, so our next report will focus on perspectives from the front line. What does the insurance industry need from data extraction and ingestion technologies and what does successful implementation look like?

The report, ‘Automating processes and speeding up operations: 30 companies we know’, will include insights from insurers about how they approach data issues, case studies of technologies being implemented and profiles of InsTech member companies that offer relevant technology solutions.

It will be released on Thursday 23 February and will be free to download from the InsTech website.

To support the launch of the report, InsTech CEO Matthew Grant will be hosting a Live Chat to discuss the findings and examine key future trends. He will be joined by a panel of insurers and technology companies involved in data ingestion.