EVENT: ESG reporting in 2023: Practical applications for managing and measuring carbon emissions

This event, supported by S&P Global Market Intelligence, continued our exploration of how insurers are measuring and managing climate-related risk, including transitioning to new areas of insurance.

We were joined by companies including Lloyd's of London, Swiss Re, Fidelis, Convex, Gamma Location Intelligence, The World Benchmarking Alliance, Cactus and Ecologi. 

We heard about the growing requirements for insurers to provide credible and coherent measures of their exposure to future climate change and reduction of carbon emissions. The panelists also gave us an overview of the tools and data being used in order to meet those requirements as well as identifying new standards and benchmarks that are helping underpin industry standardisation. 

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Matthew, Robin, Rebekah and Ali were joined on stage for the following sessions:

  1. ESG - where are we now? - Raphael Zindi, Director, Global Head of Insurance Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence; Olivia Brindle, Head of Sustainability, Fidelis 

  2. Practical applications for measurement and reporting - Chris Bennett, Global Head of Strategy and M&A, Sustainable1, S&P Global; Rachel Delhaise, Head of Sustainability, Convex; Anna Bordon, Senior Tech Partnership Lead, Swiss Re

  3. Emerging trends and new solutions - Feargal O'Neill, CEO, Gamma Location Intelligence; Tom Allebone-Webb, Head of Strategy, Lloyd's of London; James Robinson, Founder, Cactus

  4. Measuring the industry - marketing the insurance scorecard - Pauliina Murphy, Engagement Director, World Benchmarking Alliance

  5. Navigating decarbonisation in shipping - Kristy Asseily, Maritime Sustainability Lead, S&P Global

  6. Emissions monitoring - start small, start right - Stephen Dickinson, Senior Enterprise Account Manager, Ecologi