Top tips for fundraising: The founders' stories

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Money is the rocket fuel for business growth, but raising funds is a major challenge for almost every company looking to scale.

So how do you do it? Matthew asks three founders who secured early stage funding for their tips. Goncalo de Vasconcelos (Rnwl), Sam White (Stella Insurance) and Jonathan Spry (Envelop Risk) share the lessons they learned in turning start-ups into scale-ups.

The conversation was recorded from Raising Money: The Founders' Stories, an InsTech London Live Chat sponsored by Genasys Technologies. CGO Andre Symes also shared his insights on the key characteristics Genasys sees in successful start-ups.

Talking points include:

  • Identifying potential brand advocates
  • Crowdfunding vs bootstrapping
  • What to expect from angel investors
  • How to spot when you’re wasting your time
  • The importance of having a strong narrative

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