Making payments frictionless - from cashless to cardless


Join us for the highlights of our live event “Making the Most of Payments Technologies”. Supported by Mastercard and Stripe, we lifted the lid and explored examples of the latest digital payments capabilities from some of the largest, and most innovative companies in this area.

In the first of this two-part podcast, Matthew reflects on conversations he had with Ruth Polyblank, Jason Reddington, Alice Glenister, Ian Slater (Mastercard); Ben Smyth (Arma Karma) and Bruno Soares (Imburse).

Talking points include:

  • Why payments are so critical to insurers
  • What consumers really want
  • How Mastercard data is being used to create parametric insurance products
  • Overcoming the challenges of legacy systems to join up the banks, payment providers and insurers
  • The role of TikTok in promoting insurance applications
  • Virtual cards - what they are and who is using them

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Continuing Professional Development - Learning Objectives

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The Learning Objectives for this podcast are:

  • Describe some of the challenges encountered by banks, payment providers and insurers due to legacy systems
  • Summarise the properties of a virtual card and its modern benefits for consumers
  • List some of the ways in which the insurance industry is utilising social media in its practices

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