Insurance Leadership; what do they really care about?

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We've interviewed well over 100 people in 2019 and you can hear most of them on the InsTech London podcasts. Our guests share fantastic insights - whether on stage speaking to us at our events, or during Matthew's longer in-depth interviews. 

The leaders from insurance companies, the founders and CEO of technology companies (small and large) that they are working with and others that are truly influencing the shape of the industry.

Over the break we've been looking to see what consistent themes have emerged during our chats, with some of the leading figures from a handful of the largest and most well-known insurance companies in the world.

Some of the most frequent topics that came up were:

    1. Why it's important to look at the customers' problems when considering innovation opportunities.
    2. How data is really being used, with a particular emphasis on what the future of IOT holds.
    3. The importance of partnerships between insurtech and other technology providers and insurers.
    4. The emergence of the augmented underwriter.
    5. How to encourage innovation throughout a large organisation.

We're starting off the year with specific thoughts on these topics, pulled from conversations with some of our most popular guests:

Sean Ringsted, Chief Digital Officer for Chubb (episode 35)

Graham Elliott, CEO & Founder of Azur Underwriting (episode 37)

Adrian Jones, Head of Ventures & Strategic Partnerships at SCOR Global P&C (episode 42)

James Slaughter, CUO for Commercial Speciality at Liberty Mutual (episode 47)

Kelly Ward, AXA Partners on stage at Instech London in November (episode 55)

Michele Williams, Head of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty's central innovation unit XSE  (episode 56)

This episode will give you a useful taster of our full interview (or a chance to hear the highlights again) but the originals are definitely worth a listen. Take a look at the full list of episodes at Also, find out what we are thinking each week by signing up to our newsletter

Listen here to podcast 62. It is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Podbean.

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