InsTech Investigates: Podcasting tips with former BBC sound engineer Peter Roach

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Wondering about how to create a podcast and best practices for recording sound? In Episode 75 of the InsTech London podcasts, we're kicking off a series of "Instech Investigates" - a look beyond the usual topics and a chance to learn more about the skills you or your team may need in today's world.  

Matthew talks to former BBC Sound Engineer Peter Roach, who now runs VisualMonkeys and who is normally on the other side of the microphone editing our weekly podcast.

Matthew and Peter discuss podcasting and recording techniques, subject types, what equipment to use and how to edit. 

Continuing Professional Development - Learning Objectives

InsTech London is accredited by The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). By listening to an InsTech London podcast, or reading the accompanying transcript, you can claim up to 0.5 CPD hours towards the CII member CPD scheme.

After listening to Episode 75 you will know:

  • the equipment you need to record a podcast
  • how to edit your audio 
  • where to distribute your podcast online

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