Gijsbert Cox: Industry Leader Insurance EMEA & APAC, Appian: Connected insurance: achieving speed and scale

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With so much new technology and data available to insurers, it’s becoming critical to have an effective way to enable insurers to access these solutions in one place. Appian is working across many industries, using a low-code platform that improves access to legacy systems, joins up multiple solutions and increases the speed of implementation. 

Gijsbert Cox, Industry Leader Insurance for Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific at Appian, joins Matthew to discuss examples of what the company is doing, closing the technology gap in insurance and lessons from working in the insurance industry for over 15 years.

Talking points include: 

  • Appian’s workflow, process mining capabilities and flowchart concept
  • How the low-code platform is distributed, taught and integrated 
  • How they worked with Aviva to provide Robotic Process Automation
  • Takeaways from the Forrester report on the economics of low code and application installation
  • Overcoming the challenges of streamlining technological business practices and connecting data

Connected Insurance with Appian

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  • Summarise what low-code means and why organisations might choose the route of low-code applications
  • Identify the challenges of streamlining technological business practices and connecting data

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