E Trading and the Future of Complex Insurance: Does London Hold the Key?

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There is a renewed interest in e-trading platforms for reinsurance and complex risks spawned by a combination of COVID acting as an accelerant, Lloyd’s Blueprint Two, the insurance markets' own dynamics and the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

This Live Chat covers:

  • Whether e-trading of complex insurance will catch on this time
  • Who is doing what in the platform space and lessons learned so far
  • What the attributes of a successful platform are
  • The role that both Lloyd’s and the mega brokers will play in determining the outcome

The event followed the publication of our new report, E-Trading Platforms 2021: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperative, which offers a comprehensive view on the the future of e-trading of reinsurance and complex risks. 

The speakers include:

  • Richard Phipps, Vice President, Property & Specialty Underwriting, Swiss Re
  • Sasa Brcerevic, Managing Director, Carrier Solutions Group, Aon
  • Ian Meadows, Associate Partner, EY

Watch the full discussion via the video player below. 

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The Learning Objectives for this live chat are:

  • Learn about the re-emerging trend of e-trading platforms in the complex insurance space
  • Understand the barriers to effective adoption of e-trading platforms and how they can be overcome
  • Review examples of new e-trading platforms and the attributes enabling their successful adoption

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