InsTech Overview:

Zesty.ai identifies key building features to model the potential impact of catastrophic and attritional loss events. Zesty’s Z-PROPERTY offering provides information such as roof condition, building area, number of roof facets, as well as the detection of debris, swimming pools, distance and amount of vegetation, solar panels and other similar features on a property. The product is also able to report property changes on a yearly basis. Z-PROPERTY data is delivered via API, batch file, or through the Z-VIEW web-based property browser. Zesty also offers climate models and property data sources such as fire science and hail climatology and loss-based machine learning. The output from the models is regional and includes a property-level risk score for each property, which is offered for wildfire (Z-FIRE) and hail (Z-HAIL). Zesty uses aerial imagery, IoT sensors, topography, permits and weather data for data inputs.

For more information go to zesty.ai.

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