InsTech Overview:

e2Value is one of the largest providers of Insurance to Value (ITV) or replacement cost information in the US and Canada. Insurance to Value (ITV) information is required by insurers to quote an insurance policy in the US. e2Value has developed an appraisal methodology over 20 years, which e2Value claim has been shown to be up to 98% accurate in predicting replacement costs. Third-party data sources (tax, real estate and mortgage databases) are combined with proprietary data and models, taking into account local conditions and rebuilding costs. Pronto, its core product, requires only an address to profile a structure based on a prediction of size, shape, materials used and location. e2Value is used by agents, brokers and insurers across the US and Canada and is available through many of the popular data platforms and lead generators.

For more information, go to e2value.com

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