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Slipcase: curating insurance insights

InsTech’s Ali Smedley speaks to Raphael Zindi, Chief Commercial Officer at Slipcase, about how the company uses artificial intelligence to identify and curate insurance news, emerging topics of interest and how Slipcase can provide organisations with content performance insights.

Member Spotlight: Slipcase

Can you give a bit of background to Slipcase – what does the company do?

Slipcase provides an independent news and content curation platform for the insurance and reinsurance industry. We curate a wide variety of content including articles, blogs, press releases, podcasts, videos and reports; anything that is relevant to people working within the industry. Our sources range from client publications including major P&C brokers, insurers and industry service providers, as well as industry publications and global press. Each item is tagged according to its major themes, allowing users to personalise their feeds according to their interests

Our mission revolves around the concept of “contextual Intelligence”, helping over 200,000 professionals worldwide to maintain a well-informed perspective on the most relevant industry topics. We do this by collating content items from over 250 web sources and linking directly to them, using both our proprietary machine learning tool and industry expertise.

How would you define contextual intelligence?

Contextual intelligence is the ability to analyse and draw on the relevant background information that surrounds a particular event, issue or situation.

For insurance professionals, having contextual intelligence means being able to gain a complete and accurate understanding of risks and potential outcomes. Through the curated insights Slipcase provides, users are able to maintain an informed perspective on the topics most relevant to them.

How can companies access the news Slipcase curates?

We have multiple delivery channels for our curated content, including our online platform at slipcase.com, as well as our mobile app, which are free to sign up to. We are also seeing increasing demand for our APIs and bespoke email newsletters as the industry invests in internal learning and communications.

What does your role as CCO involve?

I joined Slipcase earlier this year as Chief Commercial Officer. My previous roles have been at Fitch and S&P Global Market Intelligence where I was the Global Head of Insurance Solutions. My main responsibilities at Slipcase include the development of our commercial strategy. This mainly involves identifying growth opportunities, setting our go-to-market proposition and maintaining existing client relationships. I lead the sales function and ensure we continue to develop value for our clients and partners globally, with an immediate focus on the US market.

How does Slipcase ensure the most relevant information reaches its audience?

Our artificial intelligence (AI) tool plays a really important role in providing our clients with the right content at the right time.

When the business was founded in 2012, we started a strategic partnership with a technology company which allowed us to monitor an almost unlimited amount of online sources. Our developers now overlay a bespoke dashboard whereby we can train a machine learning tool to alert us to insurance-relevant news and content only. We then have human intervention, which helps to ensure we are putting out the best content possible for Slipcase users, as well as continuously refining the AI. Our expertise feeds back information about what performs well for each topic, so our system suggests only the most pertinent content for our audiences.

The AI system can be immediately applied to new sources we may discover, so we are not trawling through thousands of content pieces every day.

What benefits do organisations receive by working with Slipcase?

Our collaboration with clients takes various forms, all designed to amplify brand awareness and enhance communications. Each client gets a dedicated company page that is externally facing and fully managed by our team. This is where their news, thought leadership and updates find a home and are then distributed.

At Slipcase we are being asked more about our API plugins to intranets and other platforms. These enable organisations and their employees to access a curated news link service, enhancing internal communication. Our clients also internally benefit from bespoke, branded email newsletters, enabling employees to build perspective on product lines and interest areas that matter.

Reporting and analytics is a significant area of growth for Slipcase. Our data science team continuously analyses content performance, delivering tailor-made reports to our clients. These give light to engagement metrics by geography and company type – whether it is brokers, insurance companies or risk managers – enabling clients to fine-tune their content strategies for maximum impact.

Can you describe the type of data Slipcase provides to its clients and partners?

Clients regularly receive reports and insights on how their content has performed on Slipcase. Depending on the package, this can include more macro information around what has been trending or what the client’s specific target audience has been engaging with. We can even provide information about changes we’re seeing within content produced for a specific theme. For example, one quarter cyber engagement may be dominated by thought leadership around ransomware, whilst the next it may be cyber MGAs.

Four of the key data points we are monitoring are click through rates, engagement by geography and company type, article traction amongst competitors and top content across the market.

These insights enable clients to make data-informed decisions around marketing. With a better understanding of their target audience’s behaviours and interests, they can create more impactful campaigns and product developments.

Clients can also identify patterns and trends in content engagement based on format. For example, a company may start to see that video performs better than written content, so it decides to produce more video.

What have been the most popular topics featured on Slipcase over the last few months?

At Slipcase we are actively tracking 58 different themes that are relevant to the insurance industry. Over the last six months, our audience has shown heightened interest in North American property, cyber risk, directors and officers, claims and law-related topics. Our commitment to contextual intelligence allows us to forecast and curate content that resonates with the industry’s pulse.

What topics, emerging trends or themes do you expect to rise in popularity over the rest of 2023?

So far in 2023, we’ve seen noticeable increases in clicks around five themes: environmental liability, risk modelling, mining, marine liability and agriculture. We expect these trends to continue over the rest of the year.

With the amount of data we collect on these pieces of content, we are uniquely positioned to provide in-depth and forward-looking reports to our clients. This includes how certain topics are evolving and what’s likely to receive the most engagement across the market.

What types of companies is Slipcase interested in partnering or working with in the future?

We are interested in talking to insurance companies, brokers and service providers who see content creation as an integral part of their growth strategy. We are also interested in companies that want to showcase their brand and expertise in specialised domains.

We understand the importance of nurturing future talent, and would be open to hearing from member associations or institutions focusing on this. You can reach out to a member of our team to organise a preliminary call so we can discuss your project and ambitions further.

What should readers do if they want to learn more?

You can find me or Alex Hearn, CEO and Founder of Slipcase, on LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at [email protected], or simply visit slipcase.com – you can get registered and start browsing the content for free.

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