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Marketplaces and Exchanges: 10 Ways They Are Reshaping Insurance

‘Marketplaces and Exchanges: 10 Ways They Are Reshaping Insurance’, will provide an update on the state of the market, give a progress report on the companies featured last time and details of the new entrants and where they fit in.

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Report: Marketplaces and Exchanges

The report will look at the changing market dynamics. In particular, as market funded e-trading initiatives struggle to maintain momentum or achieve critical mass, we will look at the increased opportunity for the privately funded platforms in this fracturing landscape.

We will take a closer look at the exchanges and marketplaces that go beyond just digitising what already exists and seek to provide new propositions or solve particular market issues.

The report focuses on exchanges and marketplaces that are:

  1. Addressing the integration challenge
  2. Specialising in a particular class
  3. Including the risk buyer (consumer or risk manager) in their proposition
  4. Serving regional and country specific needs
  5. Providing new products to help close the protection gap.
  6. Helping to match demand to the right capacity providers algorithmically
  7. Provide access to new sources of capital and new instruments to enable that
  8. Using Web3 to provide alternative risk protection models
  9. Broker centric or broker owned and the strategic implications of that
  10. Seeking to assess and provide a way to offset the climate impact of insurance

We have also identified over 30 companies working in the marketplaces and exchanges space.

The report will provide a description of what each company is offering, with extended write-ups for the companies we have been working closely with as InsTech members.

Live Chat: Marketplaces and Exchanges: 10 Ways They Are Reshaping Insurance

To support the launch of the report, InsTech Partner Robin Merttens will be hosting a Live Chat to discuss the findings and examine key future trends. He will be joined by a panel of speakers from companies innovating in the marketplaces and exchanges space.

The Live Chat will take place at 2pm on Tuesday 12 July and you can register to join us on the InsTech BrightTALK channel.


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