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Jason Liu

CEO: Zywave

Focus on the customer front-end

Zywave provides a platform of modular solutions that enables digital distribution and revenue operation optimisation for insurers and brokers.

Over the past five years, the company has made ten acquisitions, spending nearly $1 billion dollars to bring leading brands and innovative companies together under one unified organization. Join Matthew as he speaks to Zywave CEO, Jason Liu on how the company is a fast growing and ambitious player in the space, as well as how it focuses on the customer and external front-office operations.

Curious to find out more? Jason Liu co-authored with Don Bailey “The Sales Revolution” on demystifying digital distribution.

Key talking points:

  • Evolution versus revolution – when disruption is your friend
  • Why focus on the customer front end trumps back end
  • Merging data and software – acquisitions that allow software to be more intelligent and automated
  • Funding in 2023 – the Impact of private equity on insurance
  • Top tips for a CEO – Running, mental health and company culture

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Continuing Professional Development – Learning Objectives

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By the end of this podcast, you should be able to meet the following Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how data and software integration can occur
  • Identify why Application Process Interfaces (APIs) are key for industry integration
  • Summarise the changes the insurance industry has seen due to private equity

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