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Company Spotlight: 360Globalnet

At InsTech London’s 5th March 2019 event ‘Claims Innovations in 2019’, Robin Merttens interviewed 360 Globalnet’s CEO and founder Paul Stanley about how they’re innovating claims.

Founded in 2010, Surrey-based 360 Globalnet are positioned as a leader in the claims innovation space. Having gained his claims-tech spurs at the likes of Royal Insurance, BCG, McKinsey, and Direct Line, a key factor, states Paul Stanley, holding back tech innovation in claims, is the prohibitive cost of renewing legacy systems.

360 have navigated the impasse by creating a ready-to-use complete plug-in ‘clean-sheet’ claims platform. Paul Stanley says, ‘All insurers require is access to the internet, and 360 can provide a complete digital process for any claim of any complexity and any geography, worldwide, which is entirely self-configurable at the desktop by business users’.

360’s offering has won them global customers – six of the top twelve motor insurers in the UK, and half a dozen US carriers – and awards; most recently Business IT Innovation of The Year, at the 2018 IT Industry Awards.

Paul Stanley says, ‘The big thing we do is hand the power back from IT to business people. We provide a platform with all the digital tools in it, the ability to use video, imagery, self-service for everybody, capacity management of suppliers and out-sources, and just link everybody together around one single digital record.’


The full conversation with 360 Globalnet is available on a PodcastSpotify, or in the iTunes store.

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