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Ben Huckel

Co-founder & CEO, Send Technology

Composable technology – helping underwriters do what they love

Send Technology is a software company founded in 2017 that has developed a connected workbench that enables insurers, brokers and MGAs to automate, streamline and optimise its operations.

It has recently entered its scale-up phase and secured major clients such as Renaissance Reinsurance and Bowhead Specialty.

Send Technology’s Co-founder and CEO, Ben Huckel, joined Matthew to talk about the importance of companies using the right technology, the benefits of leading with a service rather than a product and the advantages of providing a software service that is tailored to clients’ needs.

Talking points include: 

  • What Ben has learned from implementing major systems for insurers in the past
  • How the cloud-based commercial insurance platform, Send Connect, has evolved to prioritise integration, adoption and speed and what this means for underwriters
  • The importance of flexibility in software and how it provides insurers with resilience against dynamic markets
  • The role of low code and no code tools
  • How Send Technology plans to incorporate additional functionality such as integrated pricing doctrines and delegated authority to its Underwriting Workbench to support pre and post buying businesses

You can find the demo discussed in the episode here.

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The Learning Objectives for this podcast are:

  • Define some of the functions of modern underwriting technology and their advantages for underwriters
  • Identify the specific considerations a company needs to make when looking to select new insurance technology
  • Summarise how insurers can prepare for the challenges of dynamic markets through the implementation of software

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