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Andy Thompson

Co-founder & CEO, Safehub

Sensors and sensitivity – Real time property earthquake risk assessment

By installing low-cost, easy to use sensors, Safehub is creating unique insights on how a building would react in the event of an earthquake.

The technology continuously monitors a building’s natural frequency to create a profile of potential vulnerabilities and a baseline for assessing structural damage if catastrophe strikes.

Co-founder and CEO Andy Thompson joins Matthew to discuss how Safehub is helping to reduce risk and why the wider adoption of affordable sensors benefits both customers and their insurers.

Talking points include:

  • Making faster, better decisions through data analysis
  • How different earthquakes affect different buildings
  • Using technology to spot inaccessible damage
  • Understanding vulnerabilities through building frequencies
  • Why user experience is crucial for new technology

The RFID Journal article mentioned in the podcast can be found here – https://www.rfidjournal.com/iot-shakes-up-building-intelligence-with-earthquake-sensor-management

Safehub is listed as one of the companies to watch in our new Location Intelligence report, which is free to download until the end of April. 

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