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Andrew Yeoman

Co-founder and CEO, Concirrus

Real time insurance for a real time world

Concirrus was founded in 2012 and has evolved to become one of the leaders in supporting marine underwriting through tracking ships and managing data. Today the company is expanding into a platform for multiple risk types and provides analytics into areas including aviation and liability. The goal is to make all underwriters as smart as the smartest underwriter in a company using AI tools. With his fourth appearance on the InsTech podcast and third dedicated interview, Co-founder and CEO Andrew Yeoman explains to Matthew Grant the lessons and insights since founding the business.

Topics include: 

  • Creating “decision optimizations solutions” and what they are
  • How to make technology work better for underwriters
  • What it means to move AI from a point solution to a platform solution
  • Lessons from Silicon Valley to Silicon Roundabout
  • When looking to the future, consider the “but for…
  • Why insurers should study the designed instability of the F-35 fighter jet

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Continuing Professional Development – Learning Objectives

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By the end of this podcast, you should be able to meet the following Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the different components of an optimisation solution and how to implement each one
  • Identify the key advantages of using a platform system with AI instead of a single-use approach
  • Explain the significance of advanced technology to create underwriting efficiencies

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