Property Intelligence: the where and what

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Insurers now have a huge amount of choice of technology to help them make money, save money or satisfy regulators. But even the best technology is useless if we don’t know what it is we are insuring and where it is.

Up until about 30 years ago insurers were using location information that hadn’t improved much for over 100 years. Now, there are a range of companies providing data and services to help insurers understand where a property is and what it is.

You can download the report 'Property Intelligence - the where and what: 50+ companies to know' here. 

Live Chat: Property Intelligence: the where and what

To support the launch of the report, InsTech's Matthew Grant and Ali Smedley will be hosted a Live Chat to discuss the findings with guest speakers from companies featured in the report. They covered the different ways location and property attribute information is being accessed, the new data sources being found from places traditionally outside of insurance and what has changed since our first location intelligence report in 2021.

Matthew Grant and Ali Smedley reviewed the latest trends and technologies in acquiring information for geocoding, building characteristics and rebuild values with:

  • Mark Varley, CEO, Addresscloud
  • Stu Cox, Senior Product Manager, Arturo
  • Todd Rissel, CEO and Chairman, e2Value 

Continuing Professional Development - Learning Objectives

InsTech is accredited by The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). By watching an InsTech Live Chat, you can claim up to 0.5 CPD hours towards the CII member CPD scheme.

Let us know you attended the event by emailing and if your organisation is a member of InsTech, you will receive a quarterly summary of the CPD hours you have earned.

For CPD purposes, the Learning Objectives for this live chat are:

  • Describe some of the different ways property attribute information is being accessed
  • Identify new property data sources from places traditionally outside of insurance
  • Summarise how the property data market has evolved in recent years

Please take a minute to fill in this short CPD feedback form and let us know what you thought of this event.