Data Extraction and Ingestion: The 40 companies to watch in 2021

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Data Extraction and Ingestion: The 40 companies to watch in 2021, a new report from InsTech London, takes a detailed look at the organisations working to overcome the frictional cost of manual data extraction and organisation. 

The report, which is available to download for free, examines the challenges of working with unstructured data across a multitude of formats, and includes case studies of the tools available to help insurers, brokers, and technology firms access high-quality data. 

To coincide with the launch of the report, Matthew is hosting a Live Chat to discuss the findings and techniques for converting and structuring untidy data on 17th August. Register on our BrightTALK channel

Data Extraction and Ingestion - An introduction by Matthew Grant, InsTech London Partner

Those of us living the sharp end of innovation are frequently talking about the value of data, how this can enrich the customer experience, make pricing fairer and generally make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, even though the insurance industry has now developed an appetite for data it’s still often being shared between partners in a way that hasn’t changed much since computers arrived on our desks in the early nineties. This is becoming a serious choke point for the industry - a data trap - keeping costs high, amplifying errors and throttling innovation.

We believe the problem will get sorted, eventually. For the next few years spreadsheets and PDF files, often with no standard structure or format, will still proliferate. So, for this report we’re going below deck and peering into the clanking engine room of insurance to discover how data is being extracted, ingested, and organised. 

We’ve set out to discover whether the promised land of efficient data transfer is within our grasp, or are we going to be floundering at sea for many years to come?

Organisations from the biggest tech of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all the way down to start-ups only a few months old are offering solutions to insurers. This is a problem that shouldn’t really exist. It’s spawning a group of companies we shouldn’t need but, which for the next few years, we’re going to become increasingly dependent upon.

Once again, we’ve spread our net wide and deep for this report. Wide to track down the companies that are offering industrial strength, and often commoditised solutions across multiple industries, and deep to spend time with those we know well and whom we are grateful for sharing their experience and solutions.

This report is the sixth in our ongoing series of reports from InsTech London. We’ve aimed to identify the main companies in this field, and the ones to look out for, but if you feel we’ve missed a company that should have been in this report please do contact us

Latest Advances in Extracting and Ingesting Data - 17 August, 2pm

Join Matthew, Artificial Founder David King, and DQPro Co-founder Nick Mair, to discuss the findings from our new report at 2pm. The Live Chat will look at the latest practices and techniques for better converting and structuring untidy data that is arriving in a multitude of formats like spreadsheets, emails, photos and more.

More details, including how to register, are available on our BrightTALK channel