InsTech events and discussions showcase the best of insurance innovation, featuring interviews with leading companies and industry figures. New events released most weeks, hosted by one of the InsTech partners, Matthew Grant or Robin Merttens.

You can see photos from all our previous live events at The Steel Yard in London on our Flickr page

Online event

There are a number of sessions and announcements on this subject planned for the World Economic Forum in January.  Join us on this Live Chat to hear about what was discussed at Davos and a detailed look at the companies that made the announcements and the initiatives that they are developing.

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InsTech All Sorts - An Open Mic Evening

Join us in CodeNode on the evening of 21st February when we will have our first ever Open Mic night in three parts:

- InsTech 2023 - we will announce themes and plans for 2023 and share some thoughts on the year  ahead

- Meet the Members - introduce our community to our newer members and give them an opportunity to tell us about themselves, make requests of the community and promote any new initiatives

- Shout Outs - have an extended session of our regular  “shout out” session so that any individual can introduce themselves and request help from the InsTech community. 

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Automating processes and speeding up operations

To support the launch of the report, InsTech CEO Matthew Grant will be hosting a Live Chat to discuss the findings and examine key future trends. He will be joined by a panel of insurers and technology companies involved in data ingestion.

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Property Intelligence - understanding and managing natural hazards

To support the launch of the InsTech report, ‘Property Intelligence - understanding and managing natural hazards’, Matthew Grant and Ali Smedley are hosting a Live Chat to discuss the findings with guest speakers from companies featured in the report.

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