InsTech All Sorts - An Open Mic Evening

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We were joined at CodeNode on the 21st February for our first-ever open mic night which was in three parts: 

- InsTech 2023: themes and plans for 2023 and thoughts on the year ahead

- Meet the Members: introducing our community to our newer members and giving them an opportunity to tell us about themselves, make requests of the community and promote any new initiatives.

- Shout Outs: an extended session of our regular “shout out” session so that any individual could introduce themselves and request help from the InsTech community. 

We heard from 
George Beattie from CFC, James Webb from Salesforce, Dipesh Patel from Amdaris, James Fairgrieve from Aventum, James Loveridge from Xebia, Jamie Webb from Costero Brokers, Dean Roberts from Aon STG, Dave Connors from distriBind, Adrian Coupland from Earnix, Chris Mullan from Eigen Technologies, Orla Browne from Dealroom and Pavel Gertsberg from Fluffy.

The event was free to InsTech members. 

If your organisation is not a member, we would love for you to join us as well and feel free to come and do a “shout out” at future events. Contact for more details.