EVENT: ESG reporting in 2023 - Applications for managing and measuring carbon emissions

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Here are the highlights from our event supported by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

On the evening of 28th November, we continued our exploration of how insurers are measuring and managing climate-related risk, including transitioning to new areas of insurance.

Matthew, Robin, Rebekah and Ali were joined on stage for the following sessions with S&P: ESG - Where are we now?

- Raphael Zindi, Director, Global Head of Insurance Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence; Olivia Brindle, Head of Sustainability, Fidelis Practical applications for measurement and reporting

- Chris Bennett, Global Head of Strategy and M&A, Sustainable1, S&P Global; Rachel Delhaise, Head of Sustainability, Convex; Anna Bordon, Senior Tech Partnership Lead, Swiss Re Navigating decarbonisation in shipping

- Kristy Asseily, Maritime Sustainability Lead, S&P Global To see more details of the full event visit instech.co/events