The weekly InsTech Podcast hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them.

Hemant Shah: Co-founder and CEO, Archipelago: Curing the property pain chain

09 Sep 2022

Archipelago is working with large global corporations to identify and source information about a property that's then shared with insurers and brokers. The company has over 170 people and according... listen here

Judith Ellison: Climate Commercial Lead, JBA Risk Management: Assessing future flood risk globally

02 Sep 2022

JBA Risk Management provides catastrophe models, flood maps and analytics worldwide to the insurance, financial, property and international development sectors.
Judith Ellison, the Climate Commercial... listen here

Martin Samworth & Seth Rogers: RE5Q: New sources of property data - beyond insurance

26 Aug 2022

Finding comprehensive sources of data for property underwriting continues to be a challenge around the world. Companies such as RE5Q are tapping into data sources previously unavailable to insurers... listen here

Kristofer le Sage de Fontenay: Vice President, Insurance Leader UK, Capgemini: Innovation, integration and culture as core competence

18 Aug 2022

Capgemini is an information technology services and consulting company partnering with businesses to develop innovation and integration solutions.
Matthew talks to Kristofer le Sage de Fontenay, the... listen here

Steve Pretre: Partner, World Innovation Lab: Investing in innovation around the world

12 Aug 2022

World Innovation Lab (WiL) is a US & Japan-based venture capital firm with capital from governments and leading global corporations based in Japan and throughout Asia. The company's vision is to... listen here

From underwriting to claims - taking the pain out of payments

04 Aug 2022

In the second of this two-part podcast with highlights from our live event Matthew Grant looks back on the conversations Robin Merttens had on stage with Andrew Passfield (ICE InsureTech), Freddy... listen here

Making payments frictionless - from cashless to cardless

28 Jul 2022

Join us for the highlights of our live event “Making the Most of Payments Technologies”. Supported by Mastercard and Stripe, we lifted the lid and explored examples of the latest digital payments... listen here

The Partners' summertime summary

22 Jul 2022

On episode 200 of the InsTech podcast, Matthew and Robin get together for another occasional chat about what is happening in the world of insurance innovation, insurtech and InsTech itself.
Since the... listen here

Henry Gale’s midweek special: What it’s like to be a young person in insurance

20 Jul 2022

Henry Gale spoke to four young people across the insurance industry to produce a podcast about what it's like to be a young person in insurance.
Ainsley Martin, Beazley; Kinga Wazydrag, Markel;... listen here

Richard Cutcher: Executive Producer, Global Captive Podcast: What is a captive and the new opportunities for innovation

14 Jul 2022

If we want to understand opportunities for innovation in insurance we need to understand what the customer wants – the people and companies buying insurance. Many companies are now setting up... listen here

Stephen Lathrope: Global Head of Insurance, ICEYE: Real-time monitoring from space - fast, accurate and persistent

08 Jul 2022

ICEYE delivers what it calls “persistent monitoring capabilities for any location on earth” using synthetic aperture radar satellites. ICEYE’s data can be collected day or night and through cloud... listen here

Gijsbert Cox: Industry Leader Insurance EMEA & APAC, Appian: Connected insurance: achieving speed and scale

01 Jul 2022

With so much new technology and data available to insurers, it’s becoming critical to have an effective way to enable insurers to access these solutions in one place. Appian is working across many... listen here

Andy Greff: CEO, Plnar: Measuring loss remotely, cheaply, easily

24 Jun 2022

Plnar’s technology platform allows users to capture detailed property and loss information on their phones, with the data being used by insurers to support underwriting and claim processes.
Matthew... listen here

Nick Martin: Portfolio Manager, Polar Capital Global Insurance Strategy: Why a get rich slow approach works best when investing in insurance

16 Jun 2022

Matthew talks to Nick Martin, Portfolio Manager of the Polar Capital Global Insurance Strategy to learn about the characteristics of successful insurers - with a focus on established companies. ... listen here

Isabelle Santenac: Global Insurance Leader, EY: Breaking the mould - technology, talent and transformation

10 Jun 2022

Isabelle Santenac, Global Insurance Leader at EY, joins Robin on Podcast 193 to share her views on the future of insurance, digital transformation and why the industry needs to get better at... listen here

Mia Vioulès, AXA Climate & Robert Schablik, CoreLogic: Hailstorm parametric insurance - an innovation success story

01 Jun 2022

One of the strengths of using parametric insurance for climate-related perils and events is the ability to offer an immediate payout to policyholders who can’t afford to wait for financial assistance... listen here

Neil Eckert: Founder & Chairman, IncubEx: A career as a pioneer in insurance and climate change

27 May 2022

Neil Eckert is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in many areas of insurance and beyond.
He was an early advocate for the benefits of digital innovation and had the vision to predict the need for... listen here

Kumar Dhuvur: Co-founder & Head of Product, Zesty.ai: Making climate risk insurable

20 May 2022

Zesty.ai uses aerial imagery and artificial intelligence to assess the potential impacts of wildfires and other climate-related events on individual properties.
Kumar Dhuvur, Co-founder and Head of... listen here

Garrett Koehn: President, CRC Brokerage: Wholesale broking, innovation and investment

15 May 2022

Garrett Koehn is President at CRC Brokerage, and he is also an active investor, mentor and forward thinker on topics such as crypto, cyber and parametric.
He joins Matthew to discuss the emerging... listen here

Elizabeth Jenkin: CEO, Nimbla: A career in insurance - how to lift as you climb

30 Apr 2022

Elizabeth Jenkin is the CEO of Nimbla, Co-founder of the women's network "Lift as you Climb" and is on the boards of Gallagher, Fidelis and the Women's Football Association. She joins Robin to... listen here