The weekly InsTech Podcast hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them.

Beyond the headlines: revealing the stories behind the insurance news

01 Dec 2023

We’re piloting a new style of podcast this week and borrowing the InsTech podcast channel to test this out. 
If you are wondering what is going on behind the news items you read about in insurance or... listen here

Salman Siddiqui, Moody’s Analytics & Adhiraj Maitra, Canopius: State of the Market 2023: Incorporating ESG into P&C underwriting

25 Nov 2023

What drives insurers to look into adopting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into their underwriting processes?
Salman Siddiqui at Moody’s Analytics and Adiraj Maitra at Canopius... listen here

Jacques Bosch & Piro Vorster: Inversion: Co-founder stories - winning despite the challenges

17 Nov 2023

Inversion specialises in bespoke software development services tailored for the insurance and reinsurance sector. This week Robin Merttens spoke with Inversion's founders, Jacques Bosch and Piro... listen here

Sid Jha, Founder & CEO: Arbol: Managing climate risks - parametric and beyond

10 Nov 2023

Arbol, an MGA specializing in parametric insurance, has been rapidly growing and expanding since we last spoke a year ago. Arbol recently announced a partnership with reinsurer Beazley, enabling them... listen here

Mark Varley, Founder and CEO: Addresscloud: Helping insurers understand geographic risk

05 Nov 2023

Addresscloud has grown from a team of three to a team of eleven since InsTech last spoke to Founder and CEO, Mark Varley. 
In this episode, Matthew’s discussion with Mark covers Addresscloud’s core... listen here

Kristofer le Sage de Fontenay, Insurance Leader UK: Capgemini: Solving client pain points with the power of digital

29 Oct 2023

Capgemini is an information technology services and consulting company which partners with businesses to develop innovation solutions.
In this episode, Matthew Grant speaks to Kristofer le Sage de... listen here

Jason Liu, CEO: Zywave: Focus on the customer front-end

22 Oct 2023

Zywave provides a platform of modular solutions that enables digital distribution and revenue operation optimisation for insurers and brokers.
Over the past five years, the company has made ten... listen here

Liselotte Munk, CEO: Fadata: A rare chat with a female CEO in insurance technology

15 Oct 2023

Robin speaks to Liselotte Munk, CEO of core administration system provider Fadata, available across all major lines of business to help insurers contribute successfully to the security and well-being... listen here

Jakub Dryjas: CEO, Tensorflight: Connected property data

11 Oct 2023

Tensorflight uses AI, aerial and street view imagery to provide property data for risk analytics on commercial, personal and industrial properties globally.
Matthew Grant was joined by Jakub Dryjas,... listen here

Jonathan Gonzalez: Co-founder & CEO, Raincoat: Enabling parametric protection that scales

08 Oct 2023

What does parametric insurance mean to Jonathan Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of Raincoat? 
Raincoat is a technology company that works with brokers and insurers to develop and distribute parametric... listen here

Sam Taylor & Paul Merrey: KPMG: Generative AI - the insurer’s guide

01 Oct 2023

Chat GPT was launched a year ago in November 2022, and its existence has consistently brought to the forefront questions surrounding adoption and implementation of AI and technology. It comes as no... listen here

Anthony Joseph & Andrew Caswell: PwC: Faster and better decision making - scaling up specialty insurance

27 Sep 2023

The first podcast in our series with PwC touches on the Scale-up programme for insurtechs and the key to transformation in speciality insurance. Matthew Grant speaks to Anthony Joseph, Partner and... listen here

Gavin Spencer: Chief Insurance Officer, Parsyl: Insuring perishables - bridging the data divide

22 Sep 2023

Parsyl is an integrated risk management and insurance solution for supply chains in food and health, which underwrites policies globally via its managing general underwriter in the US, its Lloyd’s... listen here

Richard Garry: CCO, Gamma Location Intelligence: Managing climate risk at home

17 Sep 2023

The climate has been on our mind since the record-breaking summer heat we had across the world. In this podcast we turn to matters just as big, but closer to home. This episode Matthew speaks to... listen here

Amrit Santhirasenan: Co-founder & CEO, hyperexponential: Pricing decision intelligence for insurers

10 Sep 2023

This week on the podcast Matthew speaks to a returning guest, Amrit Santhirasenan who is the Co-founder and CEO at hyperexponential. Their discussion focuses on pricing decision intelligence and what... listen here

David King, Artificial Labs & James Slaughter, Apollo Underwriting: Augmented underwriting technology with human expertise

01 Sep 2023

This week on the podcast we go into detail about an exciting partnership between two InsTech members. Robin Merttens is joined by David King, Artificial Labs and James Slaughter, Apollo Underwriting... listen here

Curious George meets Bob the Builder

25 Aug 2023

In this episode Robin Merttens moderates a panel discussion organised by Optalitix and hosted at Lloyd’s. Joining him were Dani Katz, Optalitix; Alison Quinlivan, Google; Ruta Mikiskaite, Swiss Re... listen here

Paul Templar & Greg Massey: VIPR: Data-driven intelligence

19 Aug 2023

Matthew Grant is joined by Paul Templar, CEO and Co-founder of VIPR, and Greg Massey, US Advisor for VIPR. VIPR was founded in 2009 in the UK but has continued to grow and is expanding into the US... listen here

Matthew Grant: CEO, InsTech: Generative AI - what's really going on

13 Aug 2023

Last week on the podcast we found out what Chat GPT had to say about InsTech. This week Matthew previews our newsletter on generative AI, particularly who is using it and where are we on the hype... listen here

Partners’ Chat - Handmade by Humans: Robin Merttens and Matthew Grant

06 Aug 2023

We’re back with another “Partners’ Chat” as Robin Merttens and Matthew Grant reflect on what has happened in the world of innovation and insurance and where it is going next. 
The conversation... listen here