The weekly InsTech Podcast hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them.

Tom Burroughs: Chief Technology Officer, Synergy Cloud: Building a frictionless claims process

28 May 2023

This week we’re back talking to Synergy Cloud - it's about claims - and Matthew Grant is talking to Tom Burroughs, Chief Technology Officer, the intrapreneur within the parent company Claims... listen here

Brian O’Reilly and Nicole Van Allen: Greenlight Re: A different kind of reinsurer

19 May 2023

Reinsurers are often the leaders in innovation - and usually identify earlier trends before they go mainstream. In this episode, Robin Merttens talks to Brian O'Reilly, Head of Innovation and Nicole... listen here

Tim Smith & Lisa Balboa: Hannover Re: Innovation and the Life and Health protection gap

16 May 2023

We’re back talking about life and health for this week’s special edition with Tim Smith and Lisa Balboa from Hannover Re. Robin Merttens leads the discussion.
Topics include:

The role of a... listen here

Andrew Yeoman: Co-founder and CEO, Concirrus: Real time insurance for a real time world

12 May 2023

Concirrus was founded in 2012 and has evolved to become one of the leaders in supporting marine underwriting through tracking ships and managing data. Today the company is expanding into a platform... listen here

Carolyn Kousky: Associate Vice President, Economics and Policy, EDF: Understanding Disaster Insurance: New Tools for a More Resilient Future

09 May 2023

As climate extremes worsen, insurance plays a more important role in helping people recover from disasters. Yet even many of the most exposed people do not buy the coverage they need, while the... listen here

Charles Clarke & Chris Cooksey: Guidewire: From system of record to system of insight

05 May 2023

Guidewire is known for providing technology to the property, casualty and workers' compensation insurance industry. The company is expanding its analytics capabilities and also has an open ecosystem... listen here

Jacqueline Legrand: Co-founder & CEO, Maptycs: To see is to understand

28 Apr 2023

With all the sophisticated models, data and tools available to insurers, it's as important as ever to know where something is. Managing aggregation is vital for successful underwriting and we are... listen here

Dave Connors: Founder and CEO, distriBind: Curing the industry’s obsession with spreadsheets

21 Apr 2023

Insurance runs on data which has to be moved between counterparties. Insurers, brokers, MGAs and many others still rely on spreadsheets (or worse) to do that, which causes friction and errors. In... listen here

Jamie Webb & James Gadbury: Costero Brokers: Filling the gap – solutions for complex risk

14 Apr 2023

We might be buying our personal insurance directly these days, but brokers still play a key role when it comes to all but the simplest of coverage. Costero goes one step further and finds solutions... listen here

Duncan Gemmel & Hayley Maynard: Chaucer Group: Innovation success - go narrow, go deep

06 Apr 2023

No technology innovation survives long without a client. Chaucer Group is well known as a successful Lloyd’s insurer and embodies the spirit of Lloyd’s by underwriting unusual and complex business. ... listen here

Quentin Saleur & Matthew James: OTT Risk: Business Interruption for the sharing economy

31 Mar 2023

The consequences of non-damage business interruption (NDBI), when events like pandemics don't cause physical damage to a business but do result in significant drops in revenue, have been particularly... listen here

Dr Michael Bewley & Tony Agresta: Nearmap: Property in three dimensions

24 Mar 2023

With the increasing choices that insurers have of data sources to identify property characteristics, choosing the right level of detail and certainty is essential.
This week Matthew travels virtually... listen here

Rachel Olney: Founder & CEO, Geosite: Your gateway to global geospatial data

17 Mar 2023

With so much data now available from above us and around us to help understand properties, how should insurers, governments and others know which is the most reliable to use - and importantly - how... listen here

Matt Coleman & Bill Clark: The Demex Group: Insuring the gap - protection for frequent weather losses

10 Mar 2023

We hear a lot about insurance protection for major catastrophes, but losses from frequent, local events now cause as much damage as the larger disasters that make the news. But insurance coverage is... listen here

Oliver McGuinness, RightIndem & Tim Rankin, AA Accident Assist: Partners providing value in digital claims

03 Mar 2023

Digital innovation is creating new opportunities to support customers and create efficiencies for claims handling. Oliver McGuinness, CEO of RightIndem, and Tim Rankin, Managing Director of AA... listen here

Oliver Werneyer: Co-founder and CEO, Imburse: Painless payments and the accidental entrepreneur

24 Feb 2023

Oliver Werneyer launched his first business aged 16 and later went on to launch Imburse when he discovered the true cost to insurance companies of collecting premiums and paying claims. Another... listen here

Dr. Christopher Sampson & Dr. Andrew Smith: Fathom: Flood modelling goes global

16 Feb 2023

We’re covering two main themes here - building a business that survives and thrives after ten years - and assessing the growing risk from a flood.
We’ve been working closely with Fathom for many... listen here

Chris Mullan & Tim Crowe: Eigen Technologies: Making data useful

10 Feb 2023

Eigen Technologies provides natural language processing (NLP) technology to clients across multiple sectors.
Chris Mullan, SVP of Product; and Tim Crowe, Director of Insurance Solutions, joined Robin... listen here

Nigel Walsh: Managing Director of Insurance, Google: Scaling up the future

03 Feb 2023

This week we are talking to Nigel Walsh, Managing Director of Insurance, Google Cloud. You'll find out why Google launched its recent “start-up” - Google Cloud - growing in excess of 36% quarter to... listen here

Parul Kaul-Green: Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Liberty Specialty Markets: Innovation success in insurance - creating outcomes not outputs

27 Jan 2023

This week we are back talking to another leader from one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Liberty Mutual. Parul Kaul-Green is Chief Digital Strategy Officer for Liberty Specialty... listen here