Dr Tim Farewell: Science and Communications Director, Terrafirma, a Dye & Durham Solution: Cracks and collapse – the risks beneath your property

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Thousands of UK property claims are made every year related to unseen perils below ground, with climate change already increasing the risks facing homeowners and insurers.

Dr Tim Farewell is the Director of Science and Communications at Terrafirma, a Dye & Durham Solution, and one of the UK’s leading authorities on ground risks.

He joins Matthew on Podcast 178 to discuss what is causing the problems, and how Terrafirma provides data to help insurers understand portfolio risks from subsidence, mines and voids, sinkholes, and coastal erosion.

Talking points include:

  • The science behind different ground risks
  • The most common causes of subsidence and sinkholes
  • How insurers are using Terrafirma data for assessing risks and claims
  • The effect of climate change on ground risks - today and in the future
  • Emerging technologies and tracking ground movement from space

If you’d like to discuss subsidence or climate hazards with Tim, send him a message on LinkedIn.

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