Allyship, inclusion and the future of work

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InsTech London was really pleased to be involved in a panel discussion on Allyship in the workplace hosted by The Camelot Network’s Inclusion & Diversity Think Tank and sponsored by Genasys.

The diverse panel explained what Allyship is, how to action it and the impact it can have in creating a truly inclusive society.

The speakers include:

  • Rebekah Bostan – Director of Research and Insight, InsTech London
  • Lethabo Motsoaledi – Co-founder, Creator and CTO, Voyc
  • Dr Joanna Abeyie MBE – Founder and Director, Blue Moon
  • Paul Jardine – Chairman, Asta and Chaucer

The discussion was moderated by Miriam Reason, Founder at Reasonful.

Talking points include:

  • What is Allyship, and why should you care?
  • Why is Allyship the most powerful thing you can do at work?
  • Why is the future of work about intersectional inclusion and Allyship?
  • What do all the relevant terms mean?

For more information on The Camelot Network, go to

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The Learning Objectives for this podcast are:

  • Describe what Allyship is
  • Summarise why Allyship is an important part of the workplace
  • Explain how you can action Allyship and the impact it can have

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