Marketplaces and Exchanges: 10 Ways They Are Reshaping Insurance

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Our first report on e-trading platforms was published in January 2021 and provided a comprehensive analysis of the various platform providers, market dynamics and levels of adoption.

The e-trading scene has evolved in the past 18 months and there are some new platform providers to evaluate.

To support the launch of the InsTech report, “Marketplaces and Exchanges: 10 Ways They Are Reshaping Insurance”, Robin Merttens hosted a Live Chat on 12 July to discuss the findings.

He was joined by:

  • Ian Meadows - Managing Director, Climate at IncubEx
  • Richard Phipps - Senior Project and Delivery Lead, Swiss Re
  • Eleanor Stephens - Associate Director, xTrade

The Live Chat examined key future trends, including whether e-trading platforms go beyond what already exists and provide new propositions that solve particular market issues.

The Learning Objectives for this event were:

- Identify some examples of newcomer companies that are providing e-trading platforms
- Outline the capabilities of the chosen platforms as well as the problems that they are aiming to solve
- Summarise the current and future key trends influencing the development and adoption of e-trading platforms

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