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A record turn-out for InsTech London for this event, our first of 2019, and a chance to reflect on what we had seen in 2018, and what we are looking forward to this year. 

After over three years of inviting others onto stage, we felt it would be OK for the partners to grab some time for themselves.  Mark Geoghegan, Executive Editor of Insurance Insider, kept things lively with his questions both to the partners and then to the audience.  We talked about how insurers are getting on with embracing innovation - are they there yet, or will the market have to start to move away from partnership and back to disruption to shake things up? And we looked beyond London and talked about the growth coming out of Asia, and particularly China, with access to vast amounts of data and a fast moving market. Will 2019 be the year of Blockchain and can the market support a mega-MGA?

For the second half of the evening some of the leading figures from insurance industry and the start-up community gave their 5minute view of the future. Sam Evans the Founding Partner from Eos Ventures, Milan Sud, Head of Innovation at AXA, Niall Barton, CEO of Wrisk, Dominic Suchett-Kaye of Aon Reinsurance Solutions, Madeline Bailey, Head of Strategic Initiatives for MSAmlin, Tom Hardcastle Partner at Ninety, Erik Abrahamsson CEO of Digital FinePrint and Saadhvi Khullar European Portfolio Manager for Munich Re.

Finally, thanks to our sponsors for the evening Crowe and CPP, and our gold sponsors MSAmlin and Ninety Consulting





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InsTech London Podcasts 17 & 18. What's new in 2019? Partners Panel & Experts Views cover image

InsTech London Podcasts 17 & 18. What's new in 2019? Partners Panel & Experts Views

Live at The Steelyard on 29th January event. Part One: The Partners Panel and Part Two: The Experts Speak.
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Congratulations on an amazing event. Well attended, fun, great speakers, and a lot of new people (like the brokers!) who are entering the space. You’ve built an amazing ecosystem and should be proud!

Erik Abrahamsson - CEO Digital FinePrint

Many thanks for last night. I thought it was the best event so far. Very high quality and informative.

Max Pell - CEO Fennech

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