Insurance where it counts: new solutions to new risks

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We all love innovation but some insurtechs care too much about tech and not enough about insurance. Everyone knows the market needs to get more efficient. Eventually, a few companies are going to make a lot of money fixing that. But the lifeblood of insurance is providing products that help business and people when things go wrong. New problems need new solutions, which bring fresh sources of premium. There's $3bn income from cyber insurance in the last 12 months, a market that didn't exist a decade ago. If you are an insurer with excess capital where should you look? Or perhaps you've seen a gap in the market: costly events that are not covered in traditional policies? We found seven companies bringing new insurance revenue opportunities to the market and invited them on stage at Instech London on 23 April. Here's a snapshot of the key themes. To learn more take a look at the videos.

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