InsTech in London: All Sorts - An Evening of Insurtech Treats

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We had so many new members to introduce, established members with news to share and early-stage businesses we wanted to spotlight. So, we took a break from themed events to combine all the above into one evening of abundant insurtech riches - InsTech All Sorts.

Matthew and Robin spoke to Open - newcomers to the UK - about their plans for this market, and updates from INSTANDA on recent developments in their businesses. 

This was followed by speakers from early stage companies Kita, Claims Carbon, DA|X and Kayna, who shared their propositions, plans and needs. And we also shared some news of our own.

Matthew, Robin, Holly and Ali were joined on stage by:

- Rune Brunborg, Claims Carbon Institute
- Natalia Dorfman, Kita
- Clare Knight, DA|X
- Paul Prendergast, Kayna Innovation
- Chris Mullan, Eigen Technologies
- Stefan Schrijnen, Insurwave
- Tim Hardcastle, INSTANDA
- Jason Wilby, Open

InsTech AllSorts

The Learning Objectives for this event were:

  • Outline where and how some insurtechs are targeting the UK market with their propositions
  • Identify how an early stage company begins to plan to meet their business goals
  • Describe some of the needs of both the UK market and the insurtechs operating within it

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