Crafting the Samurai Sword: Advancing Your Cyber Data Strategy

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Cyber data is plentiful but can be large, complex and dynamic. Shaping petabytes of raw data into a weapon that provides unmatched business value is a goal which many cyber insurance practitioners are still striving to achieve.

In this Live Chat, InsTech London partner Matthew grant discusses the challenges in creating and implementing an end-to-end cyber data strategy with:

  • Patrick Thielen, SVP Financial Lines, Chubb
  • Judy Chow, Director of Product Management, CyberCube
  • Lewis Guignard, Senior Manager, Data Science, CyberCube

The discussion covers the stages of creating a robust data foundation, understanding of data maturity, make decisions on strengthening capabilities, and where to deploy resources. 

Watch "Crafting the Samurai Sword - Advancing Your Cyber Data Strategy" using the player below. 

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