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Is the King insured? Here’s another topical “uninsured and uninsurable” opportunity for our entrepreneurial readers. The fire at Windsor Castle in 1992 cost £36 million. It wasn’t insured until 2014 having been considered too expensive to insure before that (but no doubt a lot more expensive afterwards). Today there are over 15 royal residences and what must be the largest collection of state carriages (over 100) in the world and hundreds of thousands of artworks and furniture. Surely there must be an app for that?

PODCAST: From system of record to system of insight - Podcast 242

Matthew Grant is joined by Guidewire's Charles Clarke, Group Vice President, Sales and Advisory, and Chris Cooksey, Senior Director, Advanced Analytics, to discuss topics including how the company is helping to improve industry collaboration, connecting underwriters to data and some of the problems Guidewire is solving for its clients.

EVENING EVENT: Insuring the future of mobility - how technology is changing the market, CodeNode, 23 May, 4:30pm BST

Join us to learn about advances in technology and the new data designed to make vehicles more autonomous and environmentally friendly. Manufacturers and insurers need to evolve to provide new products to customers who will consume in different ways.

ROUNDTABLE EVENT: The future of insurance fraud investigation, Duck & Waffle, 24 May, 3:00pm BST

Join Matthew Grant and Martyn Griffiths, UK Lead at FRISS, to understand the current trends, opportunities and capabilities that are improving the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of fraud investigators.

REPORT: Cloud Computing: Unlocking opportunities for insurance innovation

InsTech's new report, released in partnership with Google Cloud, provides a user guide to cloud adoption and insights into how cloud computing is supporting some of the most creative and successful new initiatives in insurance.

SPOTLIGHT: Instabase: intelligent automation for commercial insurance

Bastiaan de Goei, Insurance Industry Leader, Instabase, speaks to Henry Gale about how commercial insurers can automate submissions and claims processes with deep learning and how the advent of large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT will change insurance.

SPOTLIGHT: Flipping the script on insurance and reinsurance with emerging technologies

InsTech's Tara Allsopp talked with the founders of Inversion, Jacques Bosch and Piro Vorster. Their company specialises in bespoke software development services tailored for the insurance and reinsurance sector and they talk about how they are harnessing emerging technologies, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT API, and their own data capturing platform, Snapcap. 

CyberCube supports U.S. Risk Insurance Group

CyberCube’s analytics platform, Broking Manager, will be licensed by U.S. Risk to support in quantifying financial risk exposure. The tool can be used by both brokers and policyholders.

WTW launches Neuron

WTW has announced the launch of its digital insurance platform Neuron, which is intended to connect brokers and underwriters doing commercial insurance.

MIC Global provides mobile phone reinsurance in Turkey

MIC Global is partnering with Garantili Teknoloji and Virtual i Technologies to assist in ensuring customer claims are validated and paid successfully and efficiently.

omni:us automates marine claims for MS Amlin

omni:us has partnered with MS Amlin to enhance its marine insurance claims process.

Demex - Insurance is the foundation for economic sustainability

The latest insights from The Demex Group review how insurance enables the economy to adapt to climate change.

Tensorflight to receive stratospheric imagery to enhance location intelligence

Tensorflight has teamed up with earth imagery and geospatial data company Near Space Labs to offer additional intelligence on a wider range of locations including urban, suburban and rural areas across the US.