Addicted to spreadsheets

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With technology, the future is never quite what you might expect or as quick as you’d hope. Back in 2016, blockchain was heralded as the theme to watch, but pet insurance has been where the growth is. Spreadsheets have been wonderful tools for complicated analysis, but they were never designed to carry the load of sharing information between counterparties. Innovating is never easy, and this week’s podcast is another reminder that we can learn a lot from those building companies to solve real problems.

PODCAST: Curing the industry's obsession with spreadsheets - Podcast 240

Robin Merttens talks to Dave Connors, Founder and CEO of distriBind, about why insurance companies still largely depend on spreadsheets to process data. Tune in to discover some of the key ways distriBind is helping insurers to cure their addiction.

EVENING EVENT: Insuring the future of mobility - how technology is changing the market, CodeNode, 23 May, 4:30pm BST

The next InsTech Live evening event will focus on companies working on advancements in mobile technology and the new data this creates. How can both manufacturers and insurers evolve to provide new products to customers who will consume data in different ways?

ROUNDTABLE EVENT: The future of insurance fraud investigation, Duck & Waffle, 24 May, 3:00pm BST

Join Matthew Grant and Martyn Griffiths, UK Lead at FRISS, on 24 May to understand the current trends, opportunities and capabilities that are improving the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of fraud investigators.

SPOTLIGHT: Earnix: modernising insurance processes

Earnix provides software to global insurers and banks, including analytical solutions for rating, pricing and personalisation. InsTech’s Ali Smedley caught up with Aaron Wright, Earnix’s Director of Strategy, to discuss the challenges of legacy technology, how Earnix can help and the findings from its recent survey on modernising insurance operations.

Is the insurance industry making fast enough progress with AI?

Heather Wentworth, Chief Data Officer at Accelerant, explains why she feels the industry could be doing more to obtain the data needed to successfully use artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Some areas where AI is improving workflows in property insurance

Despite the data challenges in some areas, AI is helping to efficiently process data in property insurance claims. Arturo discusses the pros and cons of automation in this report.

VAVE and Pathpoint collaborate to increase commercial property capacity

Algorithmic MGA VAVE has enabled Pathpoint to offer expanded wind coverage in coastal US states, earthquake coverage and named storm coverage within its commercial property offering.

CoreLogic - save the date for INTRCONNECT Europe

Be a part of one of CoreLogic’s biggest insurance events happening on 20 September 2023 in London. More details to follow but for now be sure to save the date if you would like to attend.

CelsiusPro leads assessment of climate change impact on Swiss economy

Weather risk management company, CelsiusPro, will assist the Swiss National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS) by carrying out an analysis of the impacts global climate change is having on the Swiss economy.

Plover Parametrics wins share of $1.5m in funding

Plover Parametrics, a data platform provider, is one of the 5 winning companies that participated in the Flood Insurance of the Future Challenge to test innovations in Hampton Roads in the US amidst concerns about rising sea levels.

What a successful MGA looks like

OneAdvent Managing Director Tim Quayle shares his insights into what makes a successful MGA by outlining some of the key steps would-be founders should take.

CyberCube teams with Aviva to support growth

CyberCube has been selected by Aviva as its cyber analytics vendor and will provide insights into making underwriting more efficient and profitable.

FRISS selected by NFU Mutual

The partnership between FRISS and NFU Mutual aims to bring enhanced efficiency to the insurer's processes, whilst also benefiting their customers through improved fraud protection.

How to optimize payments for insurance - Payments Hero webinar series

Join Imburse CEO Oliver Werneyer, CPO Bruno Soares and Payment Solutions Specialist Joana Gois in this live webinar. 

Previsico and Gallagher Bassett

Join Dr Avi Baruch, COO & Co-founder of Previsico, as he shares insights with Gallagher Bassett in a discussion about the tools and resources required for flood resilience in a live webinar on 15 May.

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