InsTech Overview:

360Globalnet is a UK-headquartered international software business focusing on online digital claims management built in no-code. The functionality in the 360SiteView technology can also wrap-around an insurer’s legacy system to provide digital functionality it may lack. This technology manages any claim type of any complexity in any territory.

The company has over 60 customers across UK/Europe, USA and Australia with implementations in P&C, Speciality, Marine, Health and Life. Customers include tier 1 and 2 insurers, global adjusters/ TPAs and major brokers. The company processes millions of digital claims per annum in multiple languages.

In the UK this technology powers additional online products and services. These services include; digital assisted virtual visits (DAVE); the management of an on-demand UK-wide network of claims agents local to customers (Withyouin5), a new way to manage complex property claims and drainage (DRC).

For more information go to 360globalnet.com

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